Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of many faiths in community

Shahid Athar: “Taking care of less fortunate is a core value of all faiths”

"Spirituality is the awareness of the presence of God within our spirit. When we recognize this and then express it in our positive actions through our prayer or social work, we become instruments of God."

IRSC presents Immigrant Heritage Showcase

June 30th — an opportunity to share your family’s heritage story. Bring photos, items, and food that showcase your family's immigrant heritage.

An interfaith conversation about Charleston

The Indianapolis Race and Cultural Relations Leadership Network is inviting faith, civic, cultural and community Leaders together for a conversation about Charleston and its impact on the Indianapolis interfaith community.

Be part of the first Living Room Dialogue

The first Dialogue takes place during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a time of fasting from sun-up to sun-down.

Service: The Feet of the Interfaith Community

Joining AmeriCorps is simple! Send us your resume. We'll meet with you in July and direct you toward a host-site agency that fits.

Chelsea & Jimmy say: Joining AmeriCorps is simple!

Joining AmeriCorps is simple! Send us your resume. We'll meet with you in July and direct you toward a host-site agency that fits.

CIC hosts first discussion of Laudato Si

CIC partnered with graduate students from SPEA to hostone of the first discussions of what Pope Francis’ encyclical on environmentalism, ‘Laudato Si,’ means for Indiana environmental policy, and more than 70 Hoosiers were part of it.

Don Knebel: “First Amendment, hate speech clashing more”

The Indy Star writes about a talk by CIC board member Don Knebel, as recent tensions in Indiana lead to a series of discussions

Statement on the Shootings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church

We ask that you please join us in remembering the victims of the tragedy in Charleston by reaching out across faith and ethnic lines to help fight hatred and violence in our own community.

From David Carlson: A Christian’s Prayer for American Muslims

CIC Board member David Carlson is founder of Shoulder to Shoulder in Interfaith Witness, a movement begun in 2012 committed to grieving and witnessing publicly whenever religion is abused for violent purposes.

Hindu Temple + Sikh Gurdwara

Says CIC Board member KP Singh: JOYOUS CELEBRATIONS, SOLEMN COMMEMORATIONS A momentous week of community events: religious celebrations, commemorations, and historic transitions in central Indiana. The colorful ceremonies attracted over 5,000, among them City and State

Values that drive policy debates in Indiana

June 8th a group of graduate students from Indiana University's School for Public and Environmental Affairs organized a community conversation about values and public policy.

Civilizing Public Conversations @ The Interchurch Center

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean your brain has to go on vacation. Be part of something special with this series of public conversations about how we can conduct civil and constructive discussions of the important issues we face.

Visit Sacred Spaces this summer

Hoosiers of all faiths have a chance to come together, learn from one another, and experience some of the physical places that can connect us to the divine. This summer we have several opportunities to be part of unique and special ceremonies and observances.

IRSC member Hanako Gavia

IRSC job title: Welcoming Indianapolis Coordinator at New Immigrant Center   Why she chose AmeriCorps service: “I am motivated more by helping people than by money,” Hanako said.   Why AmeriCorps and IRSC are important: “AmeriCorps helps builds organizational capacity.,” Hanako said.

Ramadan, Iftars and OBAT Helpers

The word “Iftar” represents sweet relief to a fasting Muslim. It is the culmination of a long day of going without food and water with a delicious variety of treats, juices and dates. It