Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Kristin Wright with OBAT Helpers in Bangladesh

Human rights and religious freedom advocate Kristin Wright reports from OBAT Helpers' projects in the Urdu-speakers camp in Bangladesh

Report on the Spiritual Trail and Laments

Jesse Kharbanda and Ian McIntosh tell us about May 18's hike.

The Dynamic of Interfaith podcasts — Ashley Wagner

Ashley Wagner represents the Pagan community on CIC's board. Listen to the fascinating story of how the embraces this tradition.

Listen to Rachel Koehler’s interfaith podcasts

A year in the making, Butler's Rachel Koehler is releasing her podcasts about the CIC board members' journey to interfaith engagement. Please listen!

Opportunities to practice compassion during Ramadan

Compassion has a special meaning for Muslims during Ramadan, when the blessings for generous action are doubled. They would welcome non-Muslims to join a service project ... or look at what the Muslim Alliance of Indiana suggests.

Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health luncheons past and future

Participants in the May 15 ICMH luncheon had a great discussion with Jenni White, founding director of Trinity Haven. The next luncheon topic: prison ministries.

Action Corps at the OBAT Iftar for the Rohingya

One of the main causes of Action Corps, a grassroots advocacy group against social injustice, is the Rohingya refugees stranded in Bangladesh.

End hunger by changing the systems

May 18th — Truly ending hunger means changing its systems—this class on changing the systems that impact hunger will explore how.

Go out for a late night Yemeni meal during Ramadan

Mohammed Abashaar, manager, from Rayan Restaurant explains the significance of Ramadan and tells you more about the eatery featuring Yemen cuisine.

Feed the homeless with Fishers Multi-Faith Community for Compassion

The Fishers Multi-Faith Community for Compassion continues to up its game, moving from the pancake house into the community.

Happy Haitian Heritage (Eritaj Ayisyen) Month!

The Haitian-American community has emerged as one of the most vital and active national groups in Central Indiana.

Haitian Unity Prayer Luncheon

Looking for a special experience? Join the Haitian Unity Prayer Luncheon and hear Haitian music, taste Haitian food, see Haitian dance, meet Haitian dignitaries ... and get a sense of how important Haiti is to Indiana.

Soviet Immigration and Our Community

The Indianapolis community was deeply involved in the movement to free Soviet Jews. Join in a panel discussion and Q&A with community members who were personally involved. It is not just history; it is home.

Laments and the Indy Spiritual Trail

Saturday May 18. At 9:00 am join pilgrimage maven Ian McIntosh for a walk along the Indianapolis Spiritual Trail to the Park of Laments.

Ramadan, iftars, and OBAT Helpers

Good friend of CIC Saima Hassan explains the significance of compassion and Ramadan, and invites all of to join OBAT Helpers' iftars.

Thrive Weekend of Faith for Mental Health

Thrive Weekend of Faith has grown into a nation-wide initiative. The theme is mental health. Learn how your congregation can participate the weekend Thursday May 16 to Sunday May 19.