Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of many faiths in community

IRSC member Ali Shafie

IRSC member Ali Shafie comes to the Immigrant Refugee & Service Corps from Nigeria, and after a career in the private sector.

Multicultural Friendship Feast: Introducing Indianapolis to Each Other

December 2nd — Indianapolis has a rich immigrant and refugee population that brings something special to our community. An ambitious group of IUPUI students will be showcasing this with a Multicultural Friendship Feast.

IRSC member Nicholas Gilmore

Nicholas Gilmore is serving in the Felege Hiywot Center, which was set up by Ethiopian-Hoosiers and teaches all Indy kids about growing food

Megan Nibert, YAV Fellow @ CIC

WHO ARE YOU? My name is Megan Nibert. I am a Young Adult Volunteer that is interning at CIC for the next year. I grew up in La Porte, IN. I went to college at

IRSC member Jacqui Langer @ Cancer Support Community

Immigrant & Refugee Service Corps (IRSC) member Jacqui Langer took time to tell us about who she is and why what she’s doing is important. Q: Who are you? Where’d you come from? Q: Why did

Women’s Exercise & Nutrition program

This fall the Center for Interfaith Cooperation has hosted group consisting primarily of women from East Africa. They sought a safe and comfortable space to exercise, learn about nutrition and promote their health and the wellness of their families. You can be a part.

Catholic-Mormon Fireside Inspires and Enlightens

Two coauthors, one Catholic and the other Mormon, shared their faith journeys, friendship, and respect for each other’s traditions in an interfaith fireside on October 24.  Stephen Webb and Alonzo Gaskill modeled productive interfaith

Reflection on the Parliament of World Religions

CIC Board member David Carlson wrote this piece after attending the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City October 15-19.

IRSC member Sena Ojo

Sena Ojo is an IRSC member who serves at Iglesia Nueva Creación where she helps foster good Health, Safety, Faith, Fun, and Education for multicultural development.

IRSC member Tendayi Bwititi

Tendayi Bwititi is an Immigrant and Refugee Service Corps Member who is hosted at the Center for Interfaith Cooperation. He works with the Faith Health Initiative, where he involved in scheduling regular team meetings, sending out

Congolese refugees initiative

One of the exciting initiatives CIC is proud to support is Kizito Kalima's outreach to newly arrived Congolese refugees resettling in Indianapolis. October 24 Kizito joined students at Butler, Sister Stella and IRSC's Tendayi Bwititi to work with Congolese youth

Imam Saahir wins Martin University’s Distinguished Alumni Award

Join us in congratulating CIC Board member Imam Mikal Saahir for being named one of Martin University's Distinguished Alumni, for his contributions to serving others in the community.

IRSC member Matt Ralls

Matt Ralls works as a Health Promotions Assistant for Community Health Network, one of the largest hospital networks in Indy.

Learn about Navaratri at the home of the Patels

October 20th CIC board member Vimal Patel graciously opened his home to a Living Room dialogue about Hinduism.

Watch the documentary “Chaplains” and discuss it with the filmmaker

November 4th — Watch a new film that explores what it means to be a chaplain in today's changing world ... then discuss it with its director.

Islam and Muslim Life in Germany: Implications of the Refugee Crisis

November 5th -- What challenges does Germany face with the influx of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees? Thomas Volk knows the answer.