Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of many faiths in community

5 reasons to attend the next Living Room Dialogue

March 9th you can ask all the questions you've never known how ask about Hinduism, Jainism, and raising a mixed family

Apply for Women in Revolution

Women in Revolution seeks to empower women of diverse backgrounds through meaningful discussion, relationship-building, and civic engagement.  

Cardinal Tobin’s message to Sr. Norma

One of the touching moments of the 2017 Interfaith Banquet was a video message to Sr. Norma Rocklage from Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin.

Interfaith Mental Health Coalition’s Advocacy Training is full

If you want to attend the mental advocacy training February 15th ... we're sorry, it's full. Sign up now for the March th lunch on "When, Where, and How to refer?"

CIC’s Statement Regarding Executive Order on Immigrants and Refugees

"Without question, we face very real security threats in the U.S. and around the world. However, we feel strongly that the most effective way for us to address these challenges on a local level is intentionally to connect with each other, to learn about and from one another."

Cardinal Tobin: ‘Closing borders and building walls are not rational acts’

Cardinal Joseph W Tobin, Archbishop Newark has protested over President Trump's plans for the Mexican border wall, mass detention, deportations and the threat to penalize 'sanctuary cities' that take in refugees.

5 reasons you should Affirm Your Love through Song on January 28

John shares with us 5 special reasons why we should all enter a common space to sing and converse on Saturday January 28th

5 reasons you should attend Jason Eberl’s talk about Convivencia and Star Trek

Jason Eberl is an expert in medieval philosophy. He is a leading bioethicist. And he is the editor of many books on philosophy and science fiction. All those strands come together Tuesday January 24th

January 30 — A day of fasting for the people of Syria

We ask you to join us on January 30th by fasting, praying and spending your spare moments to raise up the people in Syria, increase your awareness about their plight, and refuse to be idle in the face of this inexcusable human tragedy.

Prof. Saler on Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Good friend of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation Robert Saler wrote a thought-provoking piece about the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the Indianapolis Star.

A last chance for Poetry & Jam with Birds of Longing

Where else but the Interchurch Center will you get a guided tour of a world-class multi-faith exhibit by a Palestinian Hoosier a Pakistani Hoosier & an Iraqi Hoosier? Plus song!

A vision launched: The Interfaith Mental Health Coalition takes off

The Interfaith Mental Health Coalition is a collaboration between religious leaders, mental health care providers, community service organizations and government agencies. January 18th more than 30 members of the community came together to learn

Images from Interfaith MLK celebration 2017

January 16th the Center for Interfaith Cooperation joined the Indiana Christian Leadership Conference and Nur-Allah Islamic Center at St. John's Missionary Baptist Church for the 2nd interfaith celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and legacy.

Meet CIC board member Rabbi Shelley Goldman

Rabbi Shelley Goldman is the latest addition to CIC's board, who joined Congregation Beth-El Zedeck as the Assistant Rabbi in July 2016. We asked Rabbi Goldman to tell us about herself.

A prayer for peace from the Jewish Tradition

CIC board member Gadi Boukai offered this prayer for peace at the January 16th interfaith celebration of MLK Day at St. John's Missionary Baptist Church.

The Interfaith Mental Health Coalition (IMHC) of Greater Indianapolis

The Interfaith Mental Health Coalition IMHC) of Greater Indianapolis is a collaboration between religious leaders, mental health care providers, community service organizations and government agencies.