Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Roots and Resistance: Uneasy Relations between White Nationalism and Christianity

February 17th — This discussion will surface the uncomfortable relationships between Christianity, white nationalism, and far-right ideologies, as well as identify the ways in which Christian individuals and movements are disrupting these relationships.

Report on the first neighborhood cluster program at Fairview

We strive to bring mental-healthcare-providers and faith leaders together in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood for monthly trainings and discussions relevant to community members in the area

ICMH luncheon — Eating disorders

February 19th — Attend this Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health luncheon to learn how religious groups are helping those who suffer to recover. You can hear from Selah House, a Christ-centered eating disorder treatment center.

There’s less than a month before the Interfaith Banquet

We'll have the largest audience for an Interfaith Banquet ever. But that makes us a little nervous. We're afraid you won't be able to get tickets because the Banquet is sold out.

Art of the Sacred Texts

February 5, the Center for Interfaith Cooperation co-sponsored a deep and insightful conversation among religious leaders inspired by the St. John’s Illuminated Bible. It’s the first illuminated Bible commissioned in half a millennium. Plates

A couple of weeks in the life of Betty Brandt

2020 Interfaith Ambassador of the Year Betty Brandt doesn't just have her finger in a lot of pies. She baked the pies, reserved the venue, sent out invitations, set the table, and helped all the guests feel comfortable sharing. See some of the things she's up to in February.

Interfaith Youth Ambassadors at Al-Fajr

January 31st -- Members of the Interfaith Youth Ambassadors Program had their first Sacred Spaces tour: Masjid al-Fajr. They'll have five more this spring. Next up: February 14th at the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana.

Contribute to the Interfaith Banquet’s Tribute Book

You can give Betty Brandt a message or place an advertisement for your company in the Tribute Book that will be distributed at the Interfaith Banquet Sunday, March 8, 2020. All images must be

4 reasons to attend the ICMH Cluster Program for Butler-Tarkington

February 10th — This promises to be one of those events whose positive impacts continue for a long time.

Opportunities for interfaith engagement at the Banquet

March 8th — The sixth annual Interfaith Banquet will take place at the Indiana Roof Ballroom. There are many ways you can be part of the multi-religious joyful celebration.

5 questions for panelists at the discussion of “The Art of Sacred Texts”

February 5th — Many CIC friends and board members will be on a multi-religious panel to discuss how the illuminated St. John's Bible speaks to their religious traditions. Here are some questions you can expect them to answer.

Report on “The Many Storeys and Last Days of Thomas Merton” (+ Morgan Atkinson)

It was standing room only for the screening of the award-winning film about Thomas Merton, and for a discussion with film-maker Morgan Atkinson. CIC's Brittany Head introduced Atkinson to the crowd and shares her impressions.

Improving the lives of prisoners (and others) through meditation

January 28th — From the office to the hospital room, the benefits of mindfulness have been scientifically proven. In this session, we learn about various efforts to improve the lives of inmates through the practice of meditation.

Invite your friends to order tickets for the Interfaith Banquet

Let's assume you've ordered your Banquet tickets (or better yet, have chosen to be a sponsor). Now you want to give your friends a chance to share the experience. How best to invite them to this opportunity?

Report on ICMH luncheon about domestic violence

January 15thth — an excellent luncheon about #domesticviolence. Ashley Powell at Domestic Violence Network (DVN) was engaging, knowledgeable and very helpful.

The Interfaith MLK Day Celebration

January 20th — CIC partnered with the Indiana Christian Leadership Conference & Nur-Allah on celebrative MLK interfaith-style