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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Register to attend the 2019 Indy Festival of Faiths

It's free, it's fun, and we don't you to forget about it!

ICMH Fall Series on Youth

This fall, the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health is proud to host a four-part series on the intersectionality of faith, mental health, and youth.

Who’s making the Indy Festival of Faiths a reality? Sonal Sanghani, that’s who

If you are feeling the spirit of the Festival's theme "Embracing Religious Diversity," tell Sonal "thank you" in Sanskrit: Dhanyavaadaha (धन्यवादः) [Dhan-ya-vaa-dhaha]

Asalha Puja Day

Wish Theravada Buddhists a Happy Dhamma Day. This holy day celebrates Siddhartha Gautama's first sermon, which laid out all the answers.

Tell us about your Festival of Faiths Experiences, part 2

More reviews of the Indy Festival of Faiths from years past. Don't miss 2019's!

Help the Festival of Faiths help vendors doing good

The Indy Festival of Faiths is looking for fair-trade, environmentally sustainable, economically empowering vendors.

Tell us about your experiences at the Indy Festival of Faiths!

We're looking for testimonials of past Indy Festivals of Faith. Please share yours!

Martyrdom of the Báb

July 9 — Bahá'ís celebrate the execution of one of the founders of their faith. The Báb's message of the essential unity of all religions and the equality of all humans was too much for the Persian Empire to stomach. Bahá'ís remain persecuted today in Iran and other countries.

Marian University says good-bye to Sr. Norma

This small nun leaves some very big shoes to fill.

Indy Black Expo Ecumenical Service @ City-wide Choir performance

As is tradition, Indy Black Expo kicks off with an ecumenical worship service and a performance of the City-wide Ecumenical Choir.

No better tribute to Eva Kor than to learn from the museum she established

The late Eva Kor left behind more than a radical philosophy of unilateral forgiveness. She created CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center an organization that would carry on her legacy of engaging new generations about the moral meaning of evil and genocide.

The Indy Festival of Faiths wishes His Holiness the Dalai Lama happy birthday!

Four years ago, an Indy Festival of Faiths planning committee met July 6 ... the birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Our greetings echo today. Happy Birthday!

Think Tank #3 – Multifaith & Inclusive Groups

The city of Fishers wants to make the encouragement of multi-faith groups part of its identity. You can be part of the discussion of how to do this.

A Day of Service Performed on World Refugee Day

Our good friends at the Burmese American Community Institute file this report the World Refugee Day of Service June 20th.

Thank you Eva Kor!

One of CIC's best friends and one of the all-time great Hoosiers, Eva Kor, has left us. Thank you so much for the insights you provided us all about forgiveness and healing!

Podcast: “God bless America — The theology of the Fourth of July”

Jonathan Woodward, Religion News Service, June 23 2019 Independence Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on the ideological tug-of-war about religious freedom in America. The Declaration of Independence is the topic of this episode. What can we

Yoga with CIC board member Tony Wiederhold

Learn about yoga from Zen Buddhist and CIC board member Tony Wiederhold.