Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of many faiths in community

From the All-Faiths Breakfast

CIC Board member KP Singh shared his prayer and images from the All-Faiths Breakfast of November 23rd

“Remembering a Hoosier hero”

Says Charlie Wiles of Abdul Rahman Kassig: "He brought us all together"

Join us at CIC’s First Annual Interfaith Banquet & Concert

Thursday January 22nd — It's the CIC First Annual Interfaith Banquet & Concert. Honor Don Knebel as Interfaith Ambassador of the Year, enjoy internationally renowned musician Yuval Ron. Space is limited so order tickets now.

Religion, Spirituality and the Arts: David Landis – Firefighter and Sculptor

By: Seth Johnson Art has always been on the mind of David Landis. From his time studying at Taylor University years ago to today, the kinetic sculptor’s inventive urges have remained constant. Nevertheless, it hasn’t

CIC Board member Betty Brandt

Betty Brandt is the Director of the Spiritual Life Center at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. They are hosting Celebration of Oneness this Sunday, November 9 beginning at 2pm. Betty’s recent article “Bust Out of

Callie Smith — Art can help bring meaning to faith

"As valuable as interfaith engagement can be for building relationships in a diverse community like Central Indiana, involving the arts opens up even more opportunities for different people to hear and see and understand each other a little better."

KP Singh on Interfaith as Community Connector

"Lord, give us the wisdom that as an Organization, founded on faiths working together, that we see INTERFAITH not as a threat but as a beautiful blessing, as a celebration of the spirit and your light placed in us as another manifestation of Your Universal Love"

Don’t miss our events for Spirit & Place (and more!)

Spirit & Place is starting. CIC and the Immigrant Refugee Service Corps are organizing some can't-miss events.

CIC board members lead series on “Israel-Palestine: Can There Be Peace?”

2nd Pres is organizing a very diverse set of speakers ... Pierre Atlas, Lamese Hasan and Gadi Boukai will be among them.

Congratulations to KP Singh

Congratulatons to CIC board member KP Singh for being honored with the Mayor’s Community Service Award. Read more about why KP was honored at “KP Singh honored with Mayor’s Community Service Award.” From “Mayor Greg