Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of many faiths in community

Look at the great interfaith events happening around Indy

Every week we have many opportunities to learn about, to discuss, and to collaborate to address some of the most important issues facing Central Indiana and the world. Here are some we are especially excited about.

IRSC + friends + SPARK = All-IN

On September 18 CIC’s Immigrant & Refugee Service Corps organized a big party for immigrant Indy. People of all faiths and nationalities gathered around Monument Circle to celebrate Indianapolis as a welcoming and diverse city with music, food, prizes and more!

Help plan the 2016 Indy Festival of Faiths

The 2016 Indy Festival of Faiths will happen on Sunday September 18. We're setting up planning committees to get started brainstorming and planning. Please let us know which you might like to join.

Dialogue in a Hindu Living Room

October 20th -- Learn everything you wanted to know about Hinduism as part of CIC's Living Room Dialogues. Details coming soon.

Eva Kors: Remembering the Holocaust

November 3rd — Kor founded CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in 1995 to educate the public about eugenics, the Holocaust, and the power of forgiveness. Kor received international attention when she publicly forgave the Nazis for what had been done to her. This story was later explored in the documentary Forgiving Dr. Mengele.

A Different Kind of Pope Visits America

"Don’t expect Pope Francis to step over the homeless on our streets or ignore the plight of undocumented workers. Expect this pope to be less comfortable speaking to the joint session of Congress than with the millions, many of them poor, who will try to catch a glimpse of him."

Catholic-Mormon dialogue: A Beginning

October 24th -- A timely and relevant conversation, given the increasing media attention on tensions between the two churches due to Mormon expansion and growth in traditionally Catholic areas.

New IRSC members and their hosts

CIC's AmeriCorps program, the Immigrant & Refugee Service Corps, cultivates community support to increase services, build capacity and strengthen the network of service providers who are addressing the needs of our immigrant and refugee population.

Catholics offer ‘dialogue’ and ‘connecting point’ during Festival of Faiths in Indianapolis

Natalie Hoefer discusses what Catholics seek to achieve with interfaith and ecumenical engagement.

Stemming America’s Growing Racial Divide

On the tragedies of 14th of 9/11, Imam Michael Saahir reflects on the even greater tragedy of racial division and violence that wracks communities in America every day.

Festival celebrates faiths, cultures that enrich Central Indiana

KP Singh reflects on the true meaning of the Indy Festival of Faiths

Reception for KP Singh in Color

Indianapolis artist KP Singh presents an exhibition of his ink drawings and prints of historic landmarks in Indianapolis and beyond. Singh’s art and words are constant reminders of the collective heritage of human civilization. His passion and commitment to preservation is a celebration of Indiana’s unique and outstanding architectural, artistic and cultural treasures as we get ready to celebrate Indiana's Bicentennial.

“Sacred Journeys” at the Children’s Museum — Enriching, rewarding, and educational

CIC board member KP Singh reports on the "Sacred Journeys" exhibit at the Children's Museum (Indy Festival of Faith's partner). KP says: Go!

Social Awareness Table Conversations … and beyond

August 30 was the 3rd annual Indy Festival of Faiths. It was the first Social Awareness Table Conversations, discussions of eight topics of urgent importance. Now keep talking.

The Indy Star loves Indy Festival of Faiths

The day after, the 2015 Indy Festival of Faiths was front page news for the Indianapolis Star.

It’s your chance to buy cool stuff and eat tasty treats

In addition to meeting more than a hundred congregations and community organizations at the Indy Festival of Faiths, you can buy products from wholesome merchants and local food vendors.