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Hoosiers of many faiths in community

Images from the Sacred Spaces tour of the Sikh Satsang

On March 10th the Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis hosted a Sacred Spaces tour. CIC's Niloofar Asgari remarked on several noteworthy aspects of the tour: the people, the space, the music, the food.

Tickets for the 2018 Interfaith Banquet have been sold out.

If you didn't manage to purchase tickets to the 2018 Annual Interfaith Banquet, we're sorry! Don't despair, we'll be doing it again next year.

3 reasons to attend the discussion of Gender-Based Sexual Harassment and Assault

Join the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health (ICMH) for an important conversation on this community-wide problem of gender-based violence and how faith communities can contribute to the solution.

Images from the Sacred Spaces tour of St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church

March 3rd St. John's Missionary Baptist Church hosted the first of spring's Sacred Spaces tour. St. John's is a part of history: it was where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached when he was in Indy

Reflections on the Religious Freedom Forum II

IUPUI's Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture organized a discussion of religious freedom at the gorgeous ArtsCenter on March 6th. Featured speakers included CIC board members Anita Joshi and Rabbi Brett Krichiver. Niloofar Asgari and Art Farnsley provide reports.

“… an opportunity to prove ourselves the best neighbors”

"Whatever the outcome, we do not consider this a victory for us or a defeat for our neighbors. If the decision will come in our favor, we will take it as an opportunity to prove ourselves the best neighbors, which is the fundamental teaching of Islam."

3 ways CIC will be at Neighbor Power Indy

Are you looking for a fun and meaningful way to spend Saturday? Go to Marian for Neighbor Power Indy ... CIC will be there in a big way

CIC board members at Religious Freedom Forum II

Religious Freedom Forum II will highlight the effects of legal changes on minority religious groups in central Indiana. Panelists include: Rabbi Brett Krichiver and Anita Joshi

Sacred Spaces tour of St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church — Music + MLK

The theme of this year's Sacred Spaces tours  is Sacred Song and Recitation. Our first site visit will be led by the Indiana Christian Leadership Conference, and will visit St. John's Missionary Baptist Church. Refreshments will follow a tour of the church beginning at 3:00 pm. Why should you attend?

A big win for an Indiana that wants to be truly welcoming

This decision has been called a victory for Muslims in Indiana, but it's much more than that. It's a big win for the city of Carmel, which prides itself on being a welcoming city. It's a win for Hoosier who want to make sure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. 

Upcoming celebrations through music

Music is said to be the universal language. Here are some opportunities to expose yourself to new sounds of spirituality, and in some cases make a joyful noise yourself. 

Josh Hornberger — From the Rohingya fundraser

Immigrant Refugee & Service Corps member Josh Hornberger files this report about an event the Center for Interfaith Cooperation and OBAT Helpers put on about the crisis of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. 

Fr. Rick Ginther: Building bridges is goal of inter-religious dialogue

New CIC board member Fr. Rick Ginther: "The Spirit of Pentecost is yet at work in our world, reaching beyond the 'babble' of misunderstanding—to mutual understanding leading to openness, justice and peace."

Insights from “Let’s talk about it — Faith and mental illness”

February 21st saw the latest Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health workshop on faith and mental wellness. We asked some CIC members for insights they learned.

The Indy Star endorses approval of the Islamic Life Center in Carmel

Al Salam Foundation worship center in Indianapolis is planning a move to a larger facility planned to be built in Carmel.

Welcome CIC’s new board members!

CIC is blessed to have cohort of 10 exceptional new board members. Protestants, Catholics, a Sikh, a pagan, and a Jain. Welcome aboard!