Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

2019 Procession of Faiths

Boy Scout calls for the Procession to gather. Credit: Bill Foley
Boy Scouts lead the Procession. Credit: Rebecca Holloway
Across the field, the Boy Scouts lead the way. Credit: Rebecca Holloway
Charlie Wiles’s drum leads the Scouts. Credit: Bill Foley
Scout color guard takes the lead. Credit: Bill Foley
What it’s like to lead a Procession of 350 people. Credit: Bill Foley
Ian McIntosh (Indy Spiritual Trail) explains to the Scouts how to use the Procession to get people to meet strangers. Credit: Becca Holloway
Quakers and friends in the Procession. Credit: Bill Foley
Niagara Foundation is an interfaith organization largely consisting of Turkish Muslims. Credit: Bill Foley
Jains, Unity Church, and Roman Catholic Women Priests. Credit: Bill Foley
Eckankar teaches simple spiritual exercises, such as singing “Hu“, called “a love song to God”, to experience the Light and Sound of God and recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit. Credit: Bill Foley
Young members of All Souls Unitarian Church. Credit: Bill Foley
Bahá’ís in the Procession of Faiths. Credit: Bill Foley
Latter-day Saints in the Procession
Credit: KP Singh
Credit: Becca Holloway
Credit: Becca Holloway
Credit: Muzaffar Ahmad
Credit: Becca Holloway
CIC board member carries the Soka Gakkai International banner. Credit: Becca Holloway
Credit: Becca Holloway
Credit: Becca Holloway
Credit: Ebony Chappell