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The Interfaith Mental Health Coalition (IMHC) of Greater Indianapolis

The Interfaith Mental Health Coalition IMHC) of Greater Indianapolis is a collaboration between religious leaders, mental health care providers, community service organizations and government agencies to:

  • educate faith community leaders about mental and emotional illnesses and the role of faith in recovery
  • provide faith communities with relevant referral information to mental health and community support services
  • advocate at the personal and legislative levels for better mental health services
  • break the silence about mental illnesses and replace stigma with informed, supportive care

 This is urgent. 

  • One in five adults will experience a diagnosable mental health disorder in any given year.
  • Fifty percent of youth have considered suicide by age fifteen; seventy five percent by age twenty-four.
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among Indiana youth ages 15 – 24.
  • Untreated mental illnesses can lead to domestic violence, joblessness, school failure, homelessness, addictions, incarceration & suicide.
  • People in distress often turn first to clergy and faith community for support.
  • Many clergy want to learn to recognize, help & refer people with serious mental illnesses and addition issues.

What can you and your congregation do? 

Apply for a mini-grant

We encourage each faith community to consider applying for a mini-grant.

  1. Assign a contact person who will regularly attend four or the six monthly IMHC January – June workshops
  2. Recruit a mental health task force of 3-4 others within their faith community to assess congregational assets and needs
  3. By June 1, submit a written assessment/needs report and plans for implementing stigma-reduction, during July – December 2017.

Attend our monthly meetings

IMHC meetings the third Wednesday of each month; 12:00 – 1:30 (Lunch service begins at 11:50). Indiana Interchurch Center, 1100 W 42nd St.
Please RSVP one week before the meeting

Schedule of IMHC meetings

Ask for more information

To learn more about IMHC, to apply for a $250 mini-grant, or to recommend other people or groups who should be engaged, please contact Tendayi Bwititi at [email protected]

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