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A vision launched: The Interfaith Mental Health Coalition takes off

The next meeting of the Interfaith Mental Health Coalition will be Wednesday February 15th, when Barbara Thompson of NAMI explores how to advocate for better mental health care at legislative and personal levels.

The Interfaith Mental Health Coalition is a collaboration between religious leaders, mental health care providers, community service organizations and government agencies. January 18th more than 30 members of the community came together to learn about the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and the join to make sure that no one suffers from mental illness alone.

IMHC is dedicated to:

  • educating faith community leaders about the holistic treatment of mental and emotional illnesses
  • providing faith communities with referral information to mental health support and services
  • advocating at the personal and legislative levels for better mental health services
  • breaking the silence about mental illnesses and replacing stigma with informed, supportive care

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