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Service and Celebration at Indy Urban Acres – A World Refugee Day Experience

Join the Burmese American Community Institute in fighting hunger and celebrating our rich cultural backgrounds!

World Refugee Day service

Tuesday June 20, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Indy Urban Acres
7700 East 21st Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46219

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On June 20th at 10:00 am, groups, families, and individuals from around Indianapolis will gather at Indy Urban Acres for a service project and celebration in honor of World Refugee Day. The Burmese American Community Institute (BACI) began the event to highlight civic engagement in the Burmese community. Refreshments and light programming will take place at about noon after the service project.

Center for Interfaith Cooperation’s AmeriCorps program, the Immigrant and Refugee Service Corps (AmeriCorps) partners with BACI and Indy Urban Acres to bring awareness to this fun, unique service opportunity. It gives native Hoosiers and refugees the opportunity to engage with one another in service and address the existing hunger need in Indianapolis. Coming together around this ethic of service, the public, BACI, and CIC will contribute to the garden, which donates 100% of its produce to food banks.

World Refugee Day facilitates the celebration of diversity inherent in welcoming refugees. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy an outdoor activity at Indy Urban Acres! This event is free and meets common accessibility standards.

An array of paths will lead you through the unique experience of joining to work and talk with refugees in the city. Volunteers have multiple options for work, including gardening, painting, sorting, and making signs. The activities will encourage people to work together. This is an opportunity for everyone to do something that will leave a positive impact on the farm and our community.

This will be a celebration that allows native Hoosiers and refugees to interact in ways not typically accessible in society. BACI and CIC will give educational presentations. In keeping with tradition, high school students involved with BACI will hold a poster contest (judged by the audience!), covering topics like civic engagement. Presentation themes include healthy eating, nutrition education, and of course – AmeriCorps. Service participants will leave this event having considered and spoken with someone about these vital topics: Food Access & Nutrition, Civic Engagement, and Cultural Background. Refreshments will be provided!

Contact: Ben Leslie / / 708-805-1688

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