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Why it’s important for congregations to address domestic violence

The Interfaith Mental Health Coalition workshop on domestic violence

Wednesday September 20, 12:00-1:30 pm
Lunch served at 11:50 am\

Indiana Interchurch Center, dining room
1100 W. 42nd St. Indianapolis 46208

Free, $10 suggested donation


On September 20th the Domestic Violence Network will lead a discussion of the dynamics of abusive relationships, how to help victims, and how to identify the warning signs of abuse. Why is this important for congregations as well as mental health professionals? Says Domestic Violence and Communities:for Leaders:

Domestic violence is a serious moral and spiritual concern. It violates the dignity of human beings and the basic moral principles of all religious faith traditions. Religion is fundamentally concerned with the well-being of individual people and the common good of society. Religious practices seek not only to bring about healing in the world, but justice and mutuality as well. All of the world’s religious traditions, in their own way, call upon their adherents to be especially mindful of those individuals and groups who are without power and privilege, and who represent the most vulnerable within a society.

Faith communities can play a significant role in providing support for victims of domestic violence and in holding abusers accountable. Spiritual leaders are often the first place a person turns to in times of trouble and turmoil, and are in a position to provide counsel,support and safety.

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