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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Insights from “Let’s talk about it — Faith and mental illness”

February 21st saw the latest Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health workshop on faith and mental wellness. We asked some CIC members for insights they learned.

Ben Leslie: If service providers and religious leaders know enough about each others’ professions, they will be better able to ‘stay in their lanes’. They will know what not to do and understand their constituents better.

Josh Hornberger: I just appreciated people from the community with no connection to CIC coming out who just heard about the event. I met a person who drove over an hour or so.

Niloofar Asgari: There were people talking about the importance of seeking help when necessary, as opposed to simply praying away the issue (though prayer and faith were still discussed as legitimate in coping with issue). I remember also hearing that cultural norms may influence how any particular religion is interpreted, hence the stigma.

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