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Images from the Sacred Spaces tour of the Sikh Satsang

On March 10th the Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis hosted a Sacred Spaces tour. CIC’s Niloofar Asgari remarked on several noteworthy aspects of the tour:

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  • The People. Not only were members of the Gurdwara interested in meeting and welcoming various community members, but people attending this event were especially eager to learn about the Sikh community in Indianapolis. When guests first enter, members of the Sikh community stand in front, greet you, and then make you feel welcome throughout your time there. After the presentation, they fed everyone with a meal refered to as langar. Guests asked a variety of questions and were eager to form connections with others..
  • The space. Located southeast of town, this Gurdwara was very communal in that it allowed everyone to get a chance to see one another and be equal to the person next to them. Every one had to take their shoes off and covered their hair, and everyone ate and convened together. What was nice about this space was that it encouraged various connections to form, either through the divine or through learning about how people connect to the divine.
  • The Music. Not only was it interesting to hear the music used in worship services, but it was also interesting that the music had such a significant role in worship. The instruments used and the recitation of text was unlike much of what I have heard previously. The recitation was of sacred texts, and hearing them recite it was a great experience. Both the tabla (Indian drum consisting of a small wood right hand drum called dayan and a larger metal/wood one called bayan) and the harmonium were used in the performance.

Here’s what you might have missed. Be sure to get your tickets early for future tours, this sold out quickly.

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