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Sacred Spaces Tour of the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

Upcoming Sacred Space Tours
Masjid Al Mu’mineen
Saturday May 5, 12:00-1:30 pm
4088 Millersville Rd. Indianapolis

Beth-El Zedeck Temple
Wednesday May 9, 6:00-8:00 pm
600 W 70th St Indianapolis

On April 21 the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana (HTCI) hosted a Sacred Spaces Tour. The theme of discussion was sacred music, a very important topic for Hindus. Katie Crouse and Niloofar Asgari reflected on the experience. What really struck them most of the Temple’s unity in diversity. Hinduism is a remarkably diverse religion. In fact, the term “Hinduism” was invented by British colonialists in order to lump together the practices of hundreds of millions of subjects.

The HTCI is very unusual in housing shrines to more than a dozen Hindu incarnations of The Divine. Even the Jains — who are not Hindus — have a shrine at the Temple.

One of the biggest divides among Hindus in India and often the Indian diaspora is between Northern Indians and Southern Indians. Both groups worship together at HTCI, and make sure that both groups are represented in making almost every decision. Even the delicious Saturday lunch (at $5 one of the best food bargains in Indy!) rotates every other week between the two groups.

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