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“Red, Black, Green” — An exhibit of local African American artists

The Center for Interfaith Cooperation is delighted to host “Red, Black, Green — Contemporary Art Pieces from African American Artists” an exhibit of local African Artists that runs at the Indiana Interchurch Center (1100 W. 42nd St.) July 2th — July 20th. Artists were encouraged to submit pieces of artwork which represent the experience and culture of African Americans. Rev. Delores Thornton is the curator. We hope you will join us at the opening reception July 5 as well other conversation about race inspired by the exhibit. And take advantage of other conversations about race in America this summer.

This exhibit offers contemporary art in the following forms:

  • Three dimensional
  • Mixed media
  • Acrylic
  • Unique natural stone jewelry


  • Brandon Mauro — “Beadz by B”
    Unique natural stone jewelry. Choose from existing designs or create your own custom piece. Originally from Cicero, IN Brandon now resides in Abu Dhabi.
  • Cierra Johnson — “Young Brahman: A Portrait of Keith Spadez”
    This piece is part of ongoing portrait series featuring note-worthy personalities from in and around Indianapolis. Heavily influenced by religious imagery, each piece seeks to examine celebrity worship, apotheosis, and myth making.
    Cierra resides in Indianapolis, IN
  • Danicia Malone — “Tois Study 14”
    A study of traditional mask making against the abstraction of African proverbs from across the continent.
    Danicia resides in Indianapolis, IN
  • Deonna Craig — “Veil of Forgetfulness” and “Masked Light”
    The “Veiled” collection contains paintings reflecting the consequences of wearing a mask. Deonna’s work, at first glance, promotes the beauty of the masks’ vibrant colors. With further observation, you are led inward realizing that the framing of the work distracts you from the imprisoned positioning of those bold colors – trapped inside the lines- longing for release.
  • Derek Morris — “God says, ‘YES'” and “One Of My Ancestries”
    “God says ‘YES'” was created when Derek was at the lowest point in life and asked God for help. God said “yes” to his prayers and delivered him, even better than before. Derek expressed thankfulness to God with this piece.
    “One Of My Ancestries” was inspired when Derek found out that his ancestry included African-American, Irish and Native American he decided to honor his deceased grandmother, Alberta Baker’s Native American Heritage through this piece, with hidden symbols throughout it.
  • Heath Holland — “The Greatest (Muhammad Ali),” “Fight the Power (Public Enemy)” and “Man of Many Keys (Ray Charles)”
  • Isis Spight — “Great Rising: Uplifting. Elevation. Upward Movement. Advancing. Coming to Maturity” and Wadjet : to constantly protect and heal while awakening our senses
  • John Girton — “Signs of Greatness”

    Pastor G, as he is affectionately called, created this piece as a shining example of the things inner city youth might aspire to. Designed by using pictures and information from various sources. John, an Indianapolis resident, is pastor of Christ Missionary Baptist Church..
  • Latoya Marlin — “Golden”
    “Golden is another piece in the series of Figures in a variety if different poses created by me. Figure drawing and art forms are my trademark signature pieces that identify that it is my work. They are created in various forms, shapes and postures.”
  • Rachel Sims — “Blü” and “Queen
    “I love creating portraits of Black women because I reject the negative stereotypes that are created of black women and in doing so create my own positive images.
    Blü is an abstract portrait of one of my friends.
    Queen is a portrait inspired by African women.
    Rachel resides in Indianapolis, IN


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