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A Journey to the End of Communism

Journey to the End of Communism
Wednesday July 18, 7:00-9:00 pm

The home of Ruth Ellen & John Homer
6668 Salem Dr. Fishers, IN 46038

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In 1987-1988 CIC director of communication John Clark lived in Poland and Hungary, conducting research for his dissertation on class conflict under Communism. Little did he or anyone else know that Communism would disappear within a year. But he did have a chance to watch the beginning of the end of a corrupt and sclerotic regime start to crumble, and sprouts of a new order start to emerge. While he was in Central Europe he joined more than a million Polish friends to meet Pope John Paul II. He also became friends with currently important figures such as Leszek Balcerowicz (architect of “the Balcerowicz Plan,” blueprint for countries’ transition from a communist to a capitalist economy); Sebestyén Gorka (now known as Sebastian Gorka, former adviser to Pres. Trump and now conservative commentator at Fox News); and Viktor Orban (today’s semi-authoritarian prime minister of Hungary).

Clark will discuss he learned (and should have learned) as part of CIC’s “Journeys” series.

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