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Chances to explore mental health and wellness

If you are lucky, you were able to attend the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health’s final event of 2018, “Flourish.” It was a chance to reflect on the ICMH’s achievements in 2018, and to reaffirm how important is the Coalition’s networking.

This spring there are many opportunities to discuss mental illness, the relation between religion and wellness, and institutions such as insurance. Start with the Interfaith Coalition fr Mental Health’s monthly luncheons (bring $5 for lunch) … and keep talking at other events.

Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health Luncheons

Each Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health luncheon concentrates on a specific mental health practice or accessible tool individuals can use in their congregations. Together, the luncheons outline a “core curriculum” of how best to address basic, ubiquitous mental health needs of faith communities. The curriculum is designed so that individuals who attend every luncheon will be generally equipped and knowledgeable about mental health community resources.

Other events about mental health and wellness

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