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Distribution of safe stoves in Darfur refugee camp in Chad

Mastora Bakhiet discusses safe ovens and refugee camps
Friday March 8, 12:00-1:00 pm Indiana Interchurch Center, Dining Room 1100 W. 42nd St. Indianapolis

This message comes from CIC’s good friend, Mastora Bakhiet, founder of the Darfur Women Network.

Congratulations! in May 2018, our production groups in Darfur refugees’ camp received 220 Safe Stoves as International Women’s Day’s Gifts.

We began with the goal of supplying 7000 safe stoves to Darfur refugee mothers . We’ve now dropped that number since we’ve been able to provide 1220 stoves mothers.

Now, we are committed  to continue the Safe Stove project til we  declare that Touloum camp free of traditional stoves or Safe stoves in all shelters and can move to another camp.

This February 18, our Executive Director traveled to Darfur, Sudan. She said that she found a safe stoves in her family home and in many family members and neighbors.

Our Executive Director used that stoves to cook for family for three years. She said that the stove idea is same as the one the Darfur Women Network has  provided to mothers in the camp. She said that the one in Nyala, Darfur, it is made of cement, sand, and small rocks. This stove is made to use charcoal as energy for cooking rather than firewood.The stove in Nayala, Darfur keeps that heat for very long time and use small amour of charcoal. It is very heavy and difficult for women to move it from place to another.

She was able to work with our Touloum to make safe stoves to celebrate International Women’s Day.Leader of the production group had received our request to make 220 Safe Stoves. However,  in February 2018, the group responded making the stoves we requested because the group leader’s son was very sick. She had to traveled to N’djamena to seek treatment for her only son. The group decided to make stoves after their group leader return. We respected their decision. The group made the Safe Stoves in April. In May, our volunteer staff distributed the stoves to  the refugee mothers.  Those who received the stoves, they acknowledged that they are gifts as celebration of International Women’s Day.
The 1,220 Mothers who received the safe stoves are happy for several reasons: They decrease their trip to collect firewood, they are safe, their children are safe, and the environment in their house because the safe stove doesn’t produce much smoke during cooking process. Moreover, the production group also are very happy when they sold us the 220 safe stoves because they earn income and able to take care of their families. 
We are grateful for your generous donations and strong support of our donors. Thank you for enable us to make great progress in our mission.

Safe Stoves positively impacts survivors of genocide in Darfur refugee camps:

* 1220 safe stoves were produced and distributed

* 200 Women have access to income from the Economic Empowerment

* More that 6000 families benefit from this project

We are committed to provide 5780 mothers with safe stoves to announce that Touloum Camp  is traditional stoves free 

Reduce the number of dangerous trips that women and young girls must make to collect firewood by 75%
* Decrease the risks associated with the open flame of the traditional stove, such as smoke inhalation, burns, and accidental house fires
* Reverse adverse ecological effects and desertification by allowing more wood to decompose natural

Please help us to create an opportunity for economic empowerment for the women that DWN pays to make the stoves and to safe mothers and girls from rape and violence attacks.

Please see the impact of your contribution:

Here is your project:

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