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5 reasons to attend the 5th Annual Interfaith Banquet

Sunday March 24th the place to be will be Martin University, which is hosting the Center for Interfaith Cooperation’s 5th Annual Interfaith Banquet.

5th Annual Interfaith Banquet
Sunday March 24, 5:00-8:30 pm

Martin University Gathertorium
2167 Avondale Pl. Indianapolis, IN 46218

Here are five reasons you should attend the Banquet:

  • Oh the people you’ll meet! Where else can you hope to hang out with 350 people deeply committed to community, to sharing their religious traditions, and to learning about other cultures? This of this as a sort of all-star roster of people like you.
  • Imam Michael “Mikal” Saahir is the 2019 Interfaith Ambassador of the Year. People know Imam Saahir by his various achievements. Scholar, firefighter, social justice activist. We’re honoring Imam Saahir for his contributions to the rich multi-religious landscape of Central Indiana.
  • The food! Imam Saahir has recommended Cathy’s Kountry Kitchen, one of the city’s mainstays. You’ll enjoy a vegetarian meal combining American soul food and fine dining that is itself worth the price of the Banquet.
  • The music! Imam Saahir has also recommended the main musical performer for the evening, Wilmore Sidiki. We’re guessing you have heard Imam Sidiki’s songs of praise, devotion and inspiration.
Wilmore Sidiki
  • It’s a fundraiser for a great cause (us). The Annual Interfaith Banquet is one of CIC’s most importance fundraisers … which means by have a great evening on March 24, you are contributing to a better community in Central Indiana.

Tickets are now on sale for the banquet. So are opportunities to sponsor the Banquet and to contribute your thoughts and congratulations to Imam Saahir in the Tribute Book.


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