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Kick off Sacred Spaces with a tour of the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

It’s magnificent. There’s no other way to describe the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana. If you’re not prepared, it can be a nearly surreal experience to drive on German Church Road. Rising from a cornfield on the east side of Indianapolis, the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana is a breathtaking new monument -impressive in both scope and design, as well as a testament to the growing multiculturalism of the region.

To view the hour-long PBS video “The Temple Makers,” go here

Tour the Temple. Members of the Hindu and Jain communities are justifiably proud of what they spent years to create, and they want you know know why it’s special … for all of us, not only Hoosiers of South Asian descent.

Join a group of high school and college students for a tour of five places of worship this fall. This is part of the Interfaith Youth Ambassador Program, a program administered by the Center for Interfaith Cooperation (CIC) in collaboration with Butler University’s Desmond Tutu Peace Lab. Youth from local high schools and universities discuss with one another about other faith communities and converse with a diverse group of other young people about social, cultural, and political issues that are important to them.

The tours start February 15th at the Hindu Temple. The public is welcome to attend the tours of places of worship; the Interfaith Youth Ambassadors’s meeting afterwards is not open.

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