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Kountry Kitchen Soulfood Kountry Kitchen Soulfood Place @ the Interfaith Banquet

2019 Interfaith Ambassador of the Year Imam Michael “Mikal” Saahir has asked that the Fifth Annual Interfaith Banquet be catered by Kountry Kitchen Soulfood Place. Good choice, Imam Saahir!

The Interfaith Banquet has traditionally been an opportunity for people to try new foods, and if you’ve never visited Kountry Kitchen you are in for a treat. Since 1988 Kountry Kitchen has been an Indy favorite, serving some of the tastiest soul food in Indiana (which is considered the northernmost Southern state).

As important for the soul of the Interfaith Banquet as its food is owners Cynthia and Issac Wilsons’ commitment to the community. Eight years ago, their Christian beliefs led them to provide free meals every Christmas to anyone in need. 3,000 people are fed who might otherwise go hungry.

The meal at the Interfaith Banquet are vegetarian and appropriate for most religious practices. So if you want try the fried chicken that many Hoosiers consider a spiritual experience, you’ll want to go to the restaurant with your friends and family:

Kountry Kitchen Soulfood Place
1831 N College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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