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Testifying about hate crime legislation

The Center for Interfaith Cooperation doesn’t take an official position on pieces of legislation (especially when the legislation is still undefined). We do want to educate the public about the views of different religious traditions, to encourage people to become educated about issues, and to challenge people to consult their values when they make decisions.

Monday, February 18, opponents and supporters of a proposed Indiana hate crimes law argued their positions before state legislators. A state Senate committee opened a hearing on a bill that would create a law specifically against crimes fueled by biases regarding traits such as race, religion and sexual orientation.

Several CIC board members spoke not as CIC board members but as citizens seeking to educate lawmakers and the public about their perspectives on proposed legislation. You can see and hear them:

  • Pierre Atlas’s testimony can be found at – 2.25 hrs or at 52 min into the testimony
  • Imam Ahmed Alamine can be found at -2.04.39 hrs or at 1:13.52 min into the testimony
  • KP Singh can be found at -1.38hrs or at 1:39.51 min into the testimony
  • Dr Anita Joshi can be found at -56.45  or at 2hours and 21 sec into the testimony.

Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu points of view … CIC is proud our members can help elevate civil discourse in Indiana.

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