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Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health luncheon and more

February 20th the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health (ICMH) hosted its second monthly luncheon, part of the series about “How Faith Communities Become Resources.” The subject of the February luncheon was How and When to Refer: Mental Health Crises.

Dr. Arman Siddiqui  & Sabrena Suggs

The two speakers continued ICMH’s spring theme of providing mental wellness services to young people. both are particularly well-suited for the topic.

Dr. Arman Siddiqui

Dr. Arman Siddiqui is an Adult & Child Adolescent Psychiatrist. He is board certified in Psychiatry and in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. He did his Residency and Fellowship at New York Medical College. He has been with Adult & Child since 2015. He has been awarded multiple awards including the Clinical Excellence Award and Outstanding Intern by New York Medical College.

Sabrena Suggs

Sabrena Suggs is Mental Health Educator and Advocate with Give an Hour Indiana.

The next ICMH luncheon will be March 20th and will address suicide prevention for young people.

Upcoming ICMH luncheons:
How faith communities become resources

Reserve your space now so you can be sure to hang out with the cool kids at the next luncheon.


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