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Interfaith Gathering at the statehouse supporting Hate Crimes legislations

CIC board member Anita Joshi invites us to help pass new legislation to make Indiana better

Dear Friends  I am asking for your help in sending emails to your legislators through Indiana Forward.  It will take you less than 3 minutes but it will make a difference.  Please share this email with your friends, colleagues, social networks.  Indiana Forward has a Facebook page and can be shared on Whats App. 

The Courts and Criminal Code Committee is preparing for their hearing of Senate Bill 12. We continue to be optimistic that we will be successful at amending the bill back into a more comprehensive one, with a list of enumerated characteristics. But we need to keep up the pressure.  If you haven’t contacted your elected member of the House, please do so.  If you have, do it again!

Sharing  a new video from Imagine Indiana, featuring our top supporter, Governor Eric Holcomb.

Watch, share, tweet, and do it all over again.  We want all of Indiana to see this video.I am attaching the direct link to  below and Thank you!  I am also attaching a flyer for an interfaith gathering at the statehouse on Thursday.  Please attend and show your support if you can.


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