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Five reasons to join the Sacred Spaces tour of Congregation Beth-El Zedeck

Beth-El Zedeck is one of the most influential synagogues in the US … and has made history for the Jewish religious tradition. Find out why.
Inside Beth-El Zedeck

Sacred Spaces Tour and Shabbat dinner
Friday, April 5: tour at 5:15 pm; Shabbat dinner at 6:00 pm

Congregation Beth-El Zedeck
600 W 70th St.


Learn what “Reconstructionist Judaism” means.
For non-Jews, “Reconstructionist” may be less familiar than Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform Judaism. Learn more about this approach that views Judaism as a constantly evolving civilization.

It’s Shabbat dinnertime!

Come for the Sacred Spaces tour, stay for Shabbat dinner
Congregation Beth-El Zedeck has gone beyond the generosity of offering a tour of their synagogue. They have invited us all to stay for Sabbath dinner. Take advantage of this chance to break bread with members of the Congregation, ask as many questions as you like. [It’s free, but you should register so BEZ will know how much food to prepare.]

Rabbi Dennis and Rabbi Sandy Sasso honored as Interfaith Ambassadors of 2018 at CIC’s 4th Annual Interfaith Banquet

See where Jewish history was made
For decades, Rabbi Sandy and Rabbi Dennis Saaso were senior rabbis at Beth-El Zedeck. They were the first married pair to serve jointly as a congregation’s rabbis in millennia of Jewish history. That was part of the reason they were honored as CIC’s 2018 Interfaith Ambassadors.

Interfaith Youth Ambassadors in thoughtful discussion

Join CIC’s Interfaith Youth Ambassadors for the tour and dinner
This spring a cohort of high school and college students have toured several places of worship, then gathered together to discuss tough questions. The tours have been open to the public; the post-tour conversations have been just for the Ambassadors. The tour of Beth-El Zedeck departs from this pattern because of Shabbat dinner. The Ambassadors will meet first; then join the public for the tour; then have dinner with members of the public and congregants of Beth-El Zedeck. This will be a chance to talk with the young people before the Interfaith Youth Forum at the Interchurch Center April 12, 4:30-6:00 pm.

Welcome to the real world

Think of this as an antidote to a virtual life.
As you know, we are living an increasing amount of our lives virtually, through our computers, mobile devices, TV sets. Tour the sort of physical place of beauty that can draw us out of our virtual world. Meet with real people, not just YouTube videos. Come for the experience, you won’t regret it.

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