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Why attend the screening of “Stateless?”

“Stateless” tells the story of how in the late 1980s, thousands of Soviet Jews were finally allowed to leave the USSR. But in 1988, American policy suddenly changed and all of these refugees were stranded in Italy.
Screening of Stateless, then tour the Power of Protest: the Movement to Free Soviet Jews exhibition on display at the JCC
Tuesday April 9 7:00-8:00 pm | 6701 Hoover Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46260 | Learn more

Part of the Power of Protest: the Movement to Free Soviet Jews exhibition on display at the JCC. This traveling exhibition is from the National Museum of American Jewish History.

Protesting for freedom of Soviet Jews

Tuesday April 9, 7:00-9:00 pm

Arthur M. Glick JCC
6701 Hoover Road

Why see the film “Stateless”?

The Movement to Free Soviet Jews, one of the most successful human rights movements in history, shows that voices raised in protest can lead to remarkable achievements. We can do the same with protests today.

It’s good to be reminded that the plight of today’s Rohingya and other stateless person is not new, and could find a resolution. To see a different side of this, attend the interfaith iftar fundraiser for Indy-based OBAT Helpers (the most important nonprofit organization helping the Rohingya driven from their home in Burma to makeshift camps in Bangladesh) being organized by the Jewish community on May 25.

Soviet Jews resettled in Indianapolis have done more than reshapre the Jewish commnity. They’ve added to the city as a whole.

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