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Reprentance (tawba), a cornerstone of Islamic faith

Roohi Tahir has been important for pushing the issue of repentance in Islam (tawba) to the front if discussions of the meaning of Islam.
Repentance in Islam: Tawbah, a Cornerstone of Faith – Roohi Tahi r
Will God forgive me? by Roohi Tahir
Saturday April 13, 2:00-4:00 pm

Masjid al Fajr 2846 Cold Spring Road

Roohi Tahir has a BS with honors in Computer Engineering from Boston University and is a graduate of the BMAIS higher Bridge to Masters diploma and currently pursuing a Masters degree in Islamic Studies from the Islamic Online University. She is also the Founder and Instructor of Nourish Your Soul, a platform for Islamic education.


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