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What can we in Indy learn from the Israeli NGO Ma’ase?

Ma’ase believes that volunteering is a tool for social and economic mobility and for developing a civil society, a society that advances equal opportunities and values of tolerance and involvement.
The Greenhouse Groups project applies all four principles for advancing a shared civil society, through multicultural encounters allowing participants to learn together about democratic values.

Our aim is to promote social change together with young adults who are looking for opportunities to develop and become influential. These young adults come from all sectors of the social spectrum in Israel but especially from the socio-economic periphery: Jews, Arabs, Druze, secular, religious, Israelis and new immigrants. Volunteering in Ma’ase is more than just social involvement: it provides our participants with a tool for personal development and empowerment.

Advancing a shared society through dialogue, education & employment
Wednesday April 10, 7:00-8:30 pm

St. Luke’s UMC, Fellowship Hall
100 W 86th St. Indianapolis, IN 46260

When you go to this event, ask yourself (and the Ma’ase participants): This works in Israel, but can it work in Indianapolis? Well, in the next couple weeks there will be reports on local Hindu and interfaith youth leadership programs. We might learn a lot about how to use these programs to build up society, especially those on the periphery.

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