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Niagara Foundation Indiana head Cenk Kandemir shares with us some of the ways the Turkish-Hoosier community is encouraging interfaith dialogue during the holy month of Ramadan.
Young Turkish Americans

We asked Cenk about “Coffee Night — Ramadan and Eid Celebration” being organized by the Crossroads Community Center in Fishers.

Yes, I am one of the board members of Crossroads Community Center. Its mission is to help the Turkish-American community in the Indianapolis area to better integrate into society, to introduce Turkish Culture to the community, to cultivate friendship and promote a better understanding of diverse cultures through dialogue and the exchange of information. It is a volunteer run organization. As people are inspired by Mr. Gulen’s teachings, they are open to dialogue and try to bring people together in different events and settings. They organize Coffee Nights, Cooking Classes, Picnics, Iftar Dinners etc. to serve the community. The website is The event that is on April 26th is to educate the community about the Ramadan, Iftars and the Eid celebration.

There will be several iftar dinners coming up in Ramadan. Crossroads Community Center sponsors an iftar dinner on May 25th on IMSA North Gym building. (Address:  7435 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46240) . There are also individual sponsor iftar dinners at the IMSA North  Gym building on May 11th, May 18th and May 25th. Again Crossroads volunteers will have an iftar at St.Luke’s Church on June 1st. Niagara Foundation will have an iftar on June 2nd at Indiana Hebrew Center.

In addition to those community iftars, Niagara Foundation has Abraham’s Tent events where individuals/families can sign up to become a guest and break bread together at one of the Turkish American Family homes. I have announced it in several places and it will be great if you can feature it on your website. I have attached a document that include the details.  People can put in the link or scan the squarecode to reach a sign up form to enter their information. I will use that information to match the families. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Food brings people together and with this simple idea in mind, the Niagara Foundation is thrilled to introduce Abraham’s Tent. This initiative aims to provide space for people of differing religious and cultural traditions to get-to-know one another in the cozy intimacy of each others’ homes.

Abraham’s Tent seeks to build community through interreligious sharing between members of the many faiths in the Greater Indianapolis area. With the kitchen and living room as the place of encounter, Abraham’s Tent meals connect people within their local community and facilitate one-to-one relationship building. Nervous about hosting? We’ll help you prepare!

Bring your story, your questions, and an open heart to the table. It’s amazing how a little food and casual conversation can bring us a little closer together.


Please go to the link below or Scan the QR code to access the sign up forms.                    

For more information and questions contact

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