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Rules of the game for Indy’s Death Café

What to expect at April 26th‘s Death Café (and how it might change the way you’re living)
Conversing about death at the Café

If you wander into the Dining Room of the Indiana Interchurch Center after 5:30 pm on Friday evening, April 26th, what are likely to see?

First, you’ll see many people who are laughing … and when you listen to their conversations, you’ll realize they are talking about a topic considered off-limits outside a doctor’s office or a lawyer’s office: How do you want to die?

Before joining one of tables and its conversing, you’ll notice a table full of sweets that are at the same time familiar and strange. (Skull cake?) Grab something to eat, it loosens the tongue and brain for the discoursing.

When you sit down to one of the tables, you may think you have wandered into a card game for which you don’t know the rules. Don’t worry, the rules are simple.

You’ll play several hands with the “wish cards.” Each person at the table will be dealt four or five cards. Arrange them by ranking their priority to you. Then each person at the table explains why the cards about how to die are ordered, from least to most important. Why is it more important “to maintain my dignity” thank “not being connected to machines”?

You’ll have a chance to talk with a particularly diverse set of interlocutors: Pagans, Buddhists, many denominations of Christians and more. And we guarantee: it will change the way you think about living and dying, long after you polish off the skull cake.

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