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Join the conversation: “System Shift 2019: Food, Faith, and Community”

We need to shift the way we see our food system. The Indy Food Council and the City of Indianapolis are proud to present the System Shift Series, a monthly meeting series designed to introduce you to the triumphs and trials of putting food on our tables as presented by experts from across our local food system.
System Shift 2019: Food, Faith, and Community

Thursday April 29, 6:30-8:00 pm

Eastern Star Church 5750 30th Street Indianapolis

Across the Central Indiana (and afar) communities, many Hoosiers have limited access to healthy fresh foods. As a result of the limited access, many Hoosiers are reliant on paying extremely overpriced costs for basic food essentials or being reliant on unhealthy, processed foods from gas stations and fast food chains.

While finding health choices in food desert communities may be difficult, Eastern Star Church through The ROCK Initiative have cultivated an innovated way to assure healthy, fresh, and affordable foods are offered within the 46218 communities. During August 2018, Eastern Star Church opened their doors for the ROCK Fresh Market, when major grocery retailers began closing their doors.

Come learn more about the logistics as to how the ROCK Fresh Market was created, the innovative approach taken to address supply and demand for healthy fresh food, and their overall commitment of providing food security options for their east Indianapolis neighbors.

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