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Opportunities to practice compassion during Ramadan

Compassion has a special meaning for Muslims during Ramadan, when the blessings for generous action are doubled. They would welcome non-Muslims to join a service project … or look at what the “small acts of kindness” the Muslim Alliance of Indiana suggests.

Non-Muslims may think that Ramadan is a month of fasting (and they’d be correct); if you ask a Muslim the meaning Ramadan, she’s likely to say it’s compassion. Even fasting from sun-up to sunset instills a sense of empathy for the poor and the hungry.

This Ramadan, many of Indy’s Muslims have service projects intended to allow people to work directly with those in need. Good news: non-Muslims are welcome to join them. Here are a few service projects and fundraisers you could consider.

Small acts of kindness

If joining a service project is not something you can do, the Muslim Alliance of Indiana has a lot of suggestions of “small acts of kindness”:

  • Today, let’s be kind in a small, intentional way by taking a moment to hold the door open for someone! 
  • As a small act of kindness, give sadaqah (charity) in someone else’s name today. Charity from a giving heart is meaningful, no matter how big or small the donation. If each person in the community gives even $5 to a great cause, they are contributing to make a difference.
  • For today’s small act of kindness, write a small note of encouragement to someone you know!
  • Wishing a happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! We are beyond thankful for all you do. For a small act of kindness, let’s do something special to show appreciation for the mothers in our lives today! What is something you love and appreciate about your mom?
  • To make the most of Ramadan, seek out how you can help a family member with a task today as a small act of kindness!
  • For our next act of kindness, let’s take some time to help those in need today! Many soup kitchens and food pantries are looking for volunteers, providing us with an opportunity to give back to the community. If you are interested in volunteering at a local food pantry in Indianapolis one weekend during Ramadan, sign up for a spot
  • An important part of Ramadan is building community and bringing people together. For today’s small act of kindness, we challenge you to call someone you haven’t spoken with in a while and see how they’re doing
  • Small act of kindness #3: Show gratitude by telling a family member how much you appreciate them today!
  • For the second day of Ramadan, let’s brighten a friend’s day by giving them a genuine compliment as our small act of kindness
  • For our first act of kindness, let’s smile at a stranger today! Accordjng to Islamic tradition, “even a smile is charity.” You never know what someone may be going through, and even the simplest actions can make a difference in someone’s day.

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