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Dialogue works! Interfaith Youth Ambassadors continue talking

Through the spring of 2019, a group of high school and college students met to tour different places of worship in Central Indiana, and to discuss themes raised by these tours. At the end of the series, they reported on what they learned, and were certified Interfaith Youth Ambassadors. Was that the end of their conversing?

No! May 15 the Muslim members organized an interfaith youth iftar (breaking of the day’s Ramadan fast at Masjid al Fajr for their fellow youth ambassadors, friends, Interfaith Enrichment Corps members and Al-Fajr youth. Everyone fasted that day. Everyone was on a group chat with everyone where the Muslim friends told us about fasting and gave encouragement throughout the day. 

Dialogue works! For young people, a chance a converse with peers of different religious backgrounds can become an end in itself, more than just a way to get a fine certificate and an activity to list on college applications. Everyione involved said they want to do an Interfaith Youth Iftar every year.

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