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Tell your story about borders

When you visit the Coalition for Our Immigrant Neighbors (COIN) exhibit Images from the Border: Here and There, you’ll read the dozens of stories about the meaning of borders. Share yours!

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Images from the Border” float=”true” width=”300″ align=”right”]

Thursday, June 13, 7:00-9:00 pm

Indiana Interchurch Center, Krannert Hall
1100 West 42nd Street


What borders have you or someone you know faced as an immigrant? Like the written stories featured in COIN’s exhibit, Images from the Border: Here and There, this event aims to highlight the many physical, political, lingual, and cultural borders that immigrants face. It will be open-mic, and speakers will have up to 5 minutes to share their story. Anyone interested in singing or dancing can perform one song.

You do not have to perform! Attending and listening are also considered participation.

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