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Say “Thank you!” to Interfaith Enrichment Corps member Maryam Sobhani

To celebrate AmeriCorps Week, we’d like to recognize and thank members of the Interfaith Enrichment Corps, the AmeriCorps program CIC runs.
Maryam Sobhani

Maryam Sobhani grew up in Tucson where she graduated from the University of Arizona. Maryam’s childhood was enriched by her Iranian heritage and teachings from the Baha’i Faith. The persecution of Baha’is in Iran has, thus, influenced the importance of interfaith cooperation for Maryam. After her time providing a voice to the culture on her college campus as a reporter and her time analyzing religious-based violence as a research assistant, the mission of the CIC grabbed her attention. Maryam serves at Ascension St. Vincent Hospital where she seeks to further the discussion of interfaith cooperation. 

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