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Get to know one another through social distancing

These words of wisdom come from Rev. Jerry Zehr of Carmel Christian Church and the Carmel Interfaith Alliance.

This “social isolation” thing is hard. Since we even have to cancel worship for the next couple of weeks (except for live streaming it on Facebook), we have been brainstorming about how to be in touch and have some fun even though separated.

Here is one idea. We are inviting all out members to video yourself or a family member giving a message, a smile, a song, a joke, a poem, or anything you want to share with your church family. Our children could show us a picture they made. They could show us a play they made up. Dress up as superheroes or princesses or something else and take a picture. Send us a photo that you took or found that speaks something to you and tell us what that is. Give us a tip for something good to cook or watch or do these days. Is there a scripture that you love, a hymn or song that you found. Send it.

Each day we will send out a few of these to our congregation as a way of staying in touch and caring for one another. Even a wave and a hi can be an encouragement to someone. Tell us something that happened to you today or that you hope for.

Brag about your kid’s achievement. Send us pictures of your pet. Get the idea?

We might end up knowing each other better than before this time of separation.

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