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CIC Board Chair Lindsey Mintz

Lindsey Mintz has stepped into the role of the Board Chair of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation. In her “day job,” Lindsey is the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, an agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis, which is located in the Interchurch Center, alongside the offices of the CIC and several other faith communities. The JCRC is charged with forging consensus within the Jewish community on a broad range of issues.

15768939184_ae3d1db159_zLindsey’s collaboration-building skills will come in handy chairing the Board of CIC. It isn’t surprising that she has a lifelong passion for things Jewish. Lindsey is a graduate of the Borns Jewish Studies Program from IU Bloomington, where she focused on Jewish history and art history. In 2005 she completed a Master’s in Public History from IUPUI, writing her thesis on the history of Jewish education in Indianapolis.

Her passion for interfaith engagement is just as strong. Lindsey discussed this in her remarks at the CIC’s Frist Annual Interfaith Banquet January 22nd. Recent, she said, “I have come to fully appreciate how much my own Jewish identity continues to evolve and strengthen through the interfaith relationships” she has cultivated through CIC.

When we educate the community-at-large about our respective faiths – and when we take the time to learn from each other, about each other – we are making an indispensable investment in creating a more secure and civil society around us, one based on mutual understanding and respect. When we come together – whether for a film, a talk, a meal, a concert, an act of service, or even for a Board Meeting – we exponentially increase the likelihood that we will find the places where we can build bridges among us.  And the more we know each other, and learn to hear one another, the stronger and wider those bridges will be.

CIC’s inaugural Board Chair Don Knebel set a high standard for Lindsey to reach. No one who knows Lindsey doubts she will meet the challenge.

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