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IRSC’s Damarius Johnson

Damarius Johnson — First year IRSC team member

Site: Peace Learning Center

Damerius-Resized-300x199IRSC team member role: Facilitator for the Youth Team

“I work with approximately 300 eight graders from three IPS schools,” Damarius said. “Peace Learning Center is primarily concerned with empowering those students to become Leaders for peace by making choices for peace by learning how treat themselves and other people fairly and with respect. We seek out community partners who want to be involved in projects to enrich the learning experience of the students we serve.  I ensure that our curriculum materials for eight graders is easily transferable to the range of community members who utilize Peace Learning Center’s programming.”

Impact of AmeriCorps on his site: “AmeriCorps and IRSC have tremendously enriched the organization,” Damarius said. AmeriCorps members ensured the operations of the Peace Learning Center in its early years. Being enriched through IRSC has enabled me to expand the curricula options available to the students that we serve. We infuse global awareness into conversations about justice and peace with our students because of the ongoing learning from my fellow IRSC members and enrichments.”

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Why Damarius chose AmeriCorps service: “I’m excited about the possibilities for working with students to address their interests, needs and concerns about themselves, their immediate communities and the world around us. We have many conversations about how we could be more welcoming and supportive of members of our communities (schools or neighborhoods) and we learn about what youth can do to get involved.”

Biggest thing Damarius has gotten out of AmeriCorps service: “My AmeriCorps service has challenged me to be more flexible, conscientious, and curious. I’m more patient, thoughtful, and imaginative because of my experience with IRSC. I continue to be fascinated by the complexity of the communities we serve.”

What his friends and family think about his AmeriCorps service: “My friends and family are interested in all I am learning about Indianapolis,” Damarius said. “We live in an incredibly diverse city.”

Plans after AmeriCorps: finish his bachelor’s degree in African-American Studies at Howard University, Washington, D.C. After that, Damarius plans to attend law school.  

Hobbies: watch college sports and listen to jazz

Comments from Damarius’s supervisor Kristina Hulvershorn: “Having an AmeriCorps member, specifically Damarius, has allowed our organization to benefit from the ‘get things done’ work ethic, the broadened world view and the critical lens through which he sees the world.  We couldn’t do what we’ve done this year without him.”


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