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Outspoken and Out Open: A Night of Spoken Words and Poetry

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April 21 — CIC is joining with the Tutu Center to present From the Ecstatic to the Mundane — An Exploration of Psalms. Come with your favorite Psalm, or just enjoy the energy of artists and musicians making a joyful noise.

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Sunday April 19

Schrott Center For the Performing Arts
Butler University
4600 Sunset Ave.


The Center for Interfaith Cooperation is co-sponsoring the Desmond Tutu Center’s spoken word program, “Outspoken and Out Open: A Night of Spoken Words and Poetry.” It will feature spoken word artists from various communities, faith backgrounds, and orientations. Each artist will give a performance related to the Butler ArtFest theme: Outlaws and Outsiders. The Desmond Tutu Center is committed to building bridges between communities by creating platforms for new voices and perspectives to be heard. Spoken word is an incredibly powerful tool for communicating ideas and viewpoints you may be unfamiliar with. Please join us for a night that is sure to be as entertaining as it is introspective.


  • Rae Karim
  • Rev Callie Smith
  • Matthew Davis
  • Maria Srour
  • Rachel Bell
  • Dania Noghnogh
  • Julius Mansa
  • Aminah Dzananovic
  • Rabbi Brett Krichiver
  • Caroline Rothstein
  • Teresa Webb
  • John Perkins


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