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Alfan helps make Zabur history

The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s world premiere of the oratorio, Zabur, by Mohammed Fairuz was a smishing success. And part of that success was due to the Center for Interfaith Cooperation’s Alfan Ghanim, who served as the ISC’s Arabic pronunciation coach. Way to go, Alfan, you were part of history!

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More about Zabur
  • Discussing art, culture, faith and policy with Mohammed Fairouz & friends In a public dialogue before the world premiere of “Zabur,” diplomats and artists explored how an artist’s cultural and religious background can help bridge understanding to shape public policy.
  • Alfan helps make Zabur history The success of “Zabur” was due in part to CIC’s own Alfan Ghanim, who served as the ISC’s Arabic pronunciation coach.
  • A special guest for a special celebration of Psalms It promised to be a very special evening April 21 for the interfaith celebration of Psalms, even before one of the world’s great composers said he’d come.
  • An Exploration of Psalms “The Psalms are hymns of praise to God for his power and beneficence, for his creation of the world, and for his past acts of deliverance for Israel.”
  • Rita Kohn — “Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s Islam-inspired oratorio” The art world is abuzz with anticipation for what’s happening in  Indianapolis in April 2015. Stand by to learn more about how the Center for Interfaith Cooperation plans to help use the world premiere of the oratorio “Zabur” to provoke important conversations in the community. Rita Kohn, “Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s Islam-inspired oratorio,” NUVO September 19 2014
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