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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

IRSC’s Rose Ohiami

Site: La Plaza, where Rose serves as community resource specialist

Duties: Assisting families with completion of applications for food stamps, cash assistance and/or Medicaid, as well as Christmas and Thanksgiving programs. Rose also provides information and refers families to other resource organizations in the community.

Why she chose AmeriCorps: “I am an immigrant and know the numerous struggles and challenges faced when immigrating to a new country, especially when you don’t know the language,” Rose said. “I chose AmeriCorps because I wanted to serve, help and facilitate the transition for immigrants and  refugees by identifying resources available in Indianapolis.  AmeriCorps allows me to network with others and gain professional training and work skills. It is a great path to new opportunities.”

Some other IRSC members

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What Rose has gotten out of AmeriCorps service: “I’ve gained tremendous experience and met wonderful people,” she said.   It is a blessing to be able to help and provide resources for immigrant and refugees.”

Praise from La Plaza for Rose’s efforts: “La Plaza is so lucky to have Rose as part of our team,” said Dulce Vega, La Plaza Director of Programs. “ She is a valuable asset for our organization. La Plaza is thankful to be part of the IRSC program, which enriches the mission of our organization and gives us the opportunity to serve better our Latino community.”
Plans after AmeriCorps: continue her education following a trip with family

Additional volunteer work: Immigrant Welcome Center Natural Helper

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