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From David Carlson: A Christian’s Prayer for American Muslims

As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan approaches, Center fr Interfaith Cooperation Board member David Carlson shares this prayer.

Who's David Carlson?
sq 1+Carlson,+David+2011CIC Board member David Carlson is professor of religion and philosophy at Franklin College. He is author of the books Peace Be with You: Monastic Wisdom for a Terror-Filled World (2011) and Countering ISIS/ISIL: The Power of Spiritual Friendships (2015). Prof. Carlson is founder of Shoulder to Shoulder in Interfaith Witness, a movement begun in 2012 that is committed to grieving and witnessing publicly whenever religion is abused for violent purposes. 

O God of Abraham and all his descendants, at this difficult time we pray as Christians for our American Muslim brothers and sisters to be encouraged in their faith and in their life in America.  Illumine their elders; inspire their youth.  We thank you for guiding many Muslims from other parts of the world to this country and for leading many in our land to find in Islam a path of peace.

We grieve that our American Muslim neighbors are too often treated with suspicion and even hatred, especially after the tragedy of 9/11.  We grieve that the new threat posed by ISIS/ISIL has brought on yet additional acts of anti-Muslim sentiment in our country, even though the overwhelming majority of our American Muslim brothers and sisters repudiate this and all radical movements.

We grieve that some Americans believe that they are following Jesus when they spread misinformation and promote fear and hatred of our Muslim neighbors.  We pray for these Christian brothers and sisters as well, and ask You, the God of Abraham and all his descendants, “to lead us not into this temptation, but deliver us from this evil.”

We thank You for the present opportunity we have in America to offer a model to a troubled world of the power of spiritual friendships between Muslims and Christians.  Give us the courage and strength to stand shoulder to shoulder in times of trial.

We commit ourselves now, O God, to pray daily for our Muslim brothers and sisters and humbly ask that they pray for their Christian brothers and sisters as well.  May the day come soon when we realize that You have brought our two communities together so that we can help each other draw closer to You.


Please share this prayer with Christian and Muslim friends,

David Carlson


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