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Service: The Feet of the Interfaith Community

CIC’s AmeriCorps program has existed as long as CIC has. The interfaith network has fostered member placements in organizations such as Catholic Charities Indianapolis, Christian Theological Seminary, Jewish Family Services, Exodus Refugee Immigration, and Muslim Alliance of Indiana.


The Immigrant and Refugee Service Corps has reached well over 1,000 newcomers in Indianapolis. We try to make health and wellness resources relevant beyond the unique barriers of newcomers. Our members are 360 degree advocates – a voice for the New American community, a voice for their hosting organizations, and a voice for community service.

As ‘interfaith’ initiatives develop in Indiana and elsewhere, service stands out as a foundational way that communities of differing ideologies and practices can build understanding and learn to build community together. When the goal is to help our neighbors, there needn’t be any underlying excuse to stand side-by-side.

Our ‘faith’ (however you define it) and respective ‘communities of faith’ are the heart and body of interfaith. Service is the feet: Connecting with the practical needs of our community and bringing us to connect with others in the process.

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How to do it

Joining AmeriCorps is simple!

Send us your resume. We’ll meet with you in July and direct you toward a host-site agency that fits.

Read more about the position: IRSC_AmeriCorpsServicedescription_2015


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