Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Kokomo’s Christians and Jews show support for local mosque

CIC Board member Imam Mikhal Saahir of Nur-Allah Islamic Center shares this report from Kokomo.

kokomo 4On Sunday August 9, 2015 believers from myriad faiths united at the Kokomo Islamic Center in support of the local Muslims whose house of worship was recently the site of gun toting, confederate flag waving racists.

Members of the Jewish community, Seventh Day Adventist, Disciples of Christ, Mennonites, Unitarian Universalist and other Christian churches along with faith-based organization members of IndyCAN and the Center for Interfaith Cooperation and the Nur-Allah Islamic Center (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out) all gathered in support of learning from one another.

kokomo 2The dignified outrage from many present who were concerned that ANY house of worship could be targeted for intimidation gave birth to serious commitments to form stronger interfaith alliances and to build understandings with social, civic and political entities that serve the citizens of Kokomo.

From a negative our Creator has opened the way for many positives, hopefully for generations to come.

kokomo 3By the way…we came to realize that the racists were cowards. They only came to the mosque when no one was there and when confronted by members they quickly left the property.

The sad report revealed a video showing a local Kokomo policeman in his squad car speaking and laughing with the racist protesters before they were made to leave the mosque property….AND STILL WE RISE!


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