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New IRSC members and their hosts

CIC’s AmeriCorps program, the Immigrant & Refugee Service Corps, cultivates community support to increase services, build capacity and strengthen the network of service providers who are addressing the needs of our immigrant and refugee population. IRSC AmeriCorps Members specifically focus on developing and disseminating information that provides immigrant and refugee families with better access to healthcare and wellness services. Our philosophy is based on learning from and educating the broader community about immigrant and refugee experiences.

In 2015-2016, 16 IRSC members will serve at these host sites:

  • Tendayi Bwititi — Faith Health Initiative
  • Jacqui Langer — Cancer Support Community
  • Ashton DeHahn — Exodus Refugee Immigration
  • Matthew Ralls — Community Health Network
  • May Gonzalez — Nueva Creación
  • Erin Tock — NAMI Indiana
  • Dulce Santiago — Latino Health Organization
  • Samantha Tooley — La Plaza
  • Ally Mulumba — Catholic Charities
  • Eduardo Luna — Big Car
  • Chantel Massey — Peace Learning Center
  • Lauren Morgan — Jewish Family Services
  • Damaris Franco — Christian Theological Seminary
  • Nicholas Gilmore — Felege Hiywot Center


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