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David Carlson on “Fostering Civil Discussion and Addressing Intolerance in our Society”

Society becomes more polarized at the very time that tolerance and understanding is most needed. This session will search for means of fostering civil discussion and addressing intolerance. September 23, CIC board member David Carlson spoke to the Mid North Shepherd Center about “Fostering Civil Discussion and Addressing Intolerance in our Society.” There can hardly be a better speaker on the topic. carlsond_1_David Carlson is professor of religion and philosophy at Franklin College. He is author of the books Peace Be with You: Monastic Wisdom for a Terror-Filled World (2011) and Countering ISIS/ISIL: The Power of Spiritual Friendships (2015). Prof. Carlson is founder of Shoulder to Shoulder in Interfaith Witness, a movement begun in 2012 that is committed to grieving and witnessing publicly whenever religion is abused for violent purposes.

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