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Learn about Navaratri at the home of the Patels

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Group dialogue

Vimal and Kusum Patel graciously opened their home to several dozen individuals to learn about the Hindu Festival of Abundance known as Navratri Celebration.

As one walked in the door to their home, you can clearly see the Patel’s live and practice their faith everyday. Their home décor is devoted to their Hindu faith. Every room was adorned with Hindu artwork, the fireplace mantel displayed many Hindu deities. The interfaith peace flag which hung in their dining room, immediately made me feel welcomed, as believer of another faith tradition, yet one with humanity on this earth.

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Hosts: Vimal and Kusum Patel

They have dedicated a sizable room to their own personal Hindu temple. Vimal explained that all Hindu’s have a temple space in their home. Each day the Patels begin their day in the temple room to say prayers. In the evening, they return to the room again and offer prayers.

The evening on October 20, celebrated Navaratri which is a 10-day celebrations . Vimal explains:

This is a very auspicious period as we celebrate various forms of Goddess Durga or the energy principle that makes the manifestation of this cosmos possible. This union of creative energy principle with consciousness principle is the very essence of Hindu vision of manifestation of the Universe and its highest expression in Human form which is endowed with the Divine potential to realize that Purusha in one’s own self. This is the Festival of Abundance, the abundance of Harvests that mother nature has provided for our physical, mental, and spiritual sustenance. The festival culminate on 10th day, known as Vijyadasmi or 10th moon calendar-day representing victory of good over evil.
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Peace Flag in their dining room

The evening ended with homemade dinner especially prepared by Kusum consisting of typical Indian foods, such as samosa’s, chickpeas, rice, and Indian style vegetables.

It was a special evening experiencing their passion and their commitment to their faith as it clearly guides their life in humility and service to others.

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Temple room

patel 4

Indian deities on the fireplace mantle

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Peace flag in the dining room

Do you find yourself curious about how others live and practice their religion? Join CIC for a future living room dialogue.

Kusum lights candle of Mother Divine

Kusum lights candle of Mother Divine

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