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IRSC member Ali Shafie

Q: Who are you? Where’d you come from (geography, education, culture)?

A: My name is Ali Shafie from Nigeria, I relocated to the United States in 2008. I have two bachelors in Sociology/Human Development and Business Administration/ Management, currently I am in my second year at IVYTECH studying Computer Information Systems.

ali shafie 2Q: Why did you join AmeriCorps?

A: Personally I don’t see much interest in what I do – I just do it. It comes naturally. It seems like the right thing to do. I assume that I am pretty much the same as everyone around me. However, the most useful and positive part of my life is in the area of impacting the lives of the less privileged or the most vulnerable groups within the society. These I consider to be my calling, which was why I dedicated about 13 years of my life working in the Social and Public Health Sector. Even though I was making a lot of money working with COMCAST for more than 3 years (resigned in August 2015), I felt that was not the right job for me. I joined AmeriCorps for many reasons, one of which is to step back into my familiar field and utilize my expertise in social and public health to give back to the community. Another reason is to fulfill my promise to my wife, who is an AmeriCorps alumni (2013), that one day, no matter how much I am making, I will dedicate one year to serve with AmeriCorps.

Q: What are you doing with IRSC, Why do you think it will be important?

A: I am facilitating IRSC Faith Health Initiatives in tracking and driving health intervention processes, propose and track short and long term outcomes, including relevant assessment/evaluation tools,forms and general strategy. I am assisting the Program Director with outreach effort to local faith/newcomer networks and pilot program. I help CIC with refugee support, Board events and other interfaith efforts. My efforts with IRSC is very important in the sense that it will contribute towards equipping and empowering local communities to address social determinants of health through preventive behavior through dissemination of relevant information on health, wellness and capacity building.

Q: What do you plan to do when you finish AmeriCorps, and how do you think your IRSC tour of duty will contribute?

A: I don’t know if I might consider serving for another year yet, but that is an option I am considering, one thing for sure is I intend to use the collaboration and networking within and outside the IRSC/ CIC with other stakeholders to good use towards ensuring that I continue impacting on the lives of people in extremely difficult circumstances within our communities.

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