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Faustin Ntala on Muhammad Ali in Louisville

IMG_4230Faustin Ntala is the founder of Waza Alliance, an indy based organization that supports teachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Faustin has a special connection with Muhammad Ali: it was in Faustin’s home country of Congo (then known as Zaire) that Ali scored one of his greatest boxing victories. Faustin drove with his children to Louisville so they could pay their respects to The Greatest.


Just being on 3302 Grand Ave in Louisville, KY, to see the house where Mohammad Ali grew up, is inspirational in itself. This neighborhood is no different from any neighborhood where children live and grow to become men and women. But this is a special neighborhood because it bore one of the greatest man and a greatest believer. He not only believed in Allah for Muslims or God for Christians, but he believed in himself, in his dream to become the “greatest” as he used to state. He believed in his vision and he puts effort, focus, resiliency behind his will to succeed.

He is the living example of what it means to have a vision, a passion, a dream and pursue it despite his critics. Ali was principled and he exercised integrity; two values that can help anyone achieve in life.

With him, every man and every woman knows that if you have a passion, you can turn it into action to contribute positively to your neighborhood and to the world.


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