Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Faith and Family:  Living Room Dialogue at Mount Zion Baptist Church  

"Throughout the evening guests felt welcomed, inspired, and surrounded by love. The Baptist way of worship and family life provides a model for success: the application of proven principles. Thank you, Mount Zion."

In Memoriam:  Dr. Stephen H. Webb, 1961-2016      

The Center for Interfaith Cooperation wishes to honor Steve for his dedication as a professor of theology and an author who explained Mormonism to other Christians. In addition, even beyond his academic excellence, Steve was a role model of Christian discipleship.

Report on the Mormon Living Room Dialogue

CIC Board member Ruth Ellen Homer reports on the Living Room Dialogue she hosted February 18th

Lecture Explores Global Mormonism for Interfaith Audience

CIC Board member Ruth Ellen Homer reflects on the lecture Mormonism: A Global Religion, by Dr. Matthew Bowman at the Indiana Interchurch Center on July 15th.