Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

“Rebuilding Refugees’ Lives in Sri Lanka”

When our attention is seized by the latest refugee crisis, it's easy too forget people who've been refugee for decades.

Join us in thanking the sponsors of the Interfaith Banquet

The list of businesses, congregations, and individuals who're sponsoring the Interfaith Banquet is impressive. You can be on it too!

Immigrant donation distribution

Help newcomers adjust to Indy.

“Seminar helps artists view the story of Lot’s wife in new light”

In light of the current refugee crisis and the new valuing of women’s speech, the “turning” of a nameless and voiceless woman to “witness the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah,” is especially compelling.

Food and religious practices

Most people agree that religious cultures are shaped by — and in turn influence — what believers can and cannot eat. Taste what we mean.

What’s new at the ICMH?

One of CIC's most popular and successful programs is the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health (ICMH).

Kountry Kitchen Soulfood Kountry Kitchen Soulfood Place @ the Interfaith Banquet

The Interfaith Banquet has traditionally been an opportunity for people to try new foods, and if you've never visited Kountry Kitchen you are in for a treat.

Nur Allah Islamic Center: An important part of the life of this year’s Interfaith Ambassador of the Year (and the community)

A description of Nur Allah Islamic Center, along with copies of recent letters to the masjid recognizing how important it is to the neighborhood.

Special discussion of “The Diary of Anne Frank” Feb. 9

The Center for Interfaith Cooperation has helped organize a special post-play discussion of "Genocide Today: Hear from Survivors of Post-Holocaust Genocides."

Kick off Sacred Spaces with a tour of the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

If you're not prepared, it can be a nearly surreal experience to drive on German Church Road. Rising from a cornfield on the east side of Indianapolis, the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana is a breathtaking new monument.

Interfaith engagement this weekend

This weekend is going to be cold ... but not polar-vortex-cold, so you and your family should go to some special events.

The Interfaith Youth Ambassadors have launched

A couple dozen youth from local high schools and universities will meet the members of their community, learn about other faith traditions, and converse with a diverse group of people.

5 reasons to attend the 5th Annual Interfaith Banquet

By have a great evening on March 24, you are contributing to a better community in Central Indiana.

Sacred Spaces Tours this fall

Join a group of high school and college students for a tour of five places of worship this fall.

Next ICMH luncheon — How and When to Refer: Mental Health Crises

The Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health presents our second event of the Spring 2019 Series: How Faith Communities Become Resources.

The surprising history of the Book of Mormon

January 21 Ruth Ellen Homer gave a talk at the Interchurch Center about The Book of Mormon. Few people are more qualified to speak about the history and beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than Ruth Ellen.