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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

CIC and IUYA’s Chickadee Award

“A Chickadee bird was chosen to remind [us] of its ability to respond to any injustice with courage despite size and influence. Chickadees are small animals, but they are highly adaptable and brave. In this way, the Chickadee Bird Award is symbolic of leaders leading with courage and seeking new avenues of growth.”

Anita Lerche enchants in many languages

CIC Board members and Interfaith Ambassador KP Singh offers this report on a performance by Anita Lerche on July 27.

Service: The Feet of the Interfaith Community

Joining AmeriCorps is simple! Send us your resume. We'll meet with you in July and direct you toward a host-site agency that fits.

Chelsea & Jimmy say: Joining AmeriCorps is simple!

Joining AmeriCorps is simple! Send us your resume. We'll meet with you in July and direct you toward a host-site agency that fits.

Religion, Spirituality and the Arts: David Landis – Firefighter and Sculptor

By: Seth Johnson Art has always been on the mind of David Landis. From his time studying at Taylor University years ago to today, the kinetic sculptor’s inventive urges have remained constant. Nevertheless, it hasn’t

IRSC AmeriCorps Service Opportunity

CIC’s Immigrant and Refugee Service Corps has been renewed for its third year! The 10 member AmeriCorps program provides a platform to assist and learn from new Americans in our community. We serve to communicate

Predicting the Supreme Court Prayer Case

Board Chair Don Knebel’s latest blog explores an interfaith issue at the country’s highest court: On November 6, 2013, the United States Supreme Court heard arguments on one of the most vexing issues under the

King’s Dream: Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama

by Waddell Hamer Recently, President Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term as President of the United States. As fate would have it, his second Inauguration happened to fall on the national holiday of

Xmas is upon us

         Greetings, my name is Esteban Ortiz, member of the Immigrant and Refugee Service Corps. The holidays are upon us again, and what I personally like about the holidays is time

IRSC: Introduction

On September 10th, CIC welcomed ten new Americorps members for training as the Immigrant and Refugee Service Corps. [one_half]I am one of them serving here at the Center for Interfaith Cooperation. We are currently serving

My View: America not founded on Christianity

published by the Indianapolis Star on August 16th, 2012 By Donald E. Knebel Even though I have attended church nearly my entire life, I am taken aback when I see and hear people claim that the

Article Follow-up to ‘Sharia Beyond the Headlines’

This article by Sheila Suess Kennedy reacts to and reflects on our first symposium- and our reasons for sponsoring the

Read: Indy Star

John Clark includes ‘Sharia Beyond the Headlines’ as one of his ‘Five events in June might help you conquer your fears’ … 

Read the IUPUI article on upcoming event: ‘Sharia Beyond the Headlines’

The recent article in the IUPUI Newscenter details our upcoming event, Sharia Beyond the Headlines.     Registration for the event can be found

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