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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

An auspicious Saka Dawa to Tibetan Buddhists

Saka Dawa is the holiest month for Tibetan Buddhists. Today marks the Enlightenment of the Buddha.

Juneteenth and Joy

The original Juneteenth was two and a half centuries of suppressed happiness finally allowed spontaneous expression. I wish I’d been there, and I’ll bet you do too.

Christians, have a blessed Whit Monday

Whit Monday is the day after Pentecost. At Pentecost Christians observance commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus Christ’s disciples.

“Muslims host Indy law enforcement at Ramadan event”

The Indianapolis Muslim Community Association hosted local law enforcement Thursday, May 30, for a mosque service.

“How Indianapolis Muslims celebrated the end of Ramadan”

On Tuesday morning, thousands of Muslims from around Indianapolis traveled to the Indiana State Fairgrounds to join the millions of Muslims celebrating Eid al-Fitr around the globe.

June 1 — The Holy Family’s flight to Egypt (Coptic Orthodox Christians) + 1st Global Coptic Day

The inaugural Global Coptic Day will be on June 1, 2019, which also commemorates the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt.

“Religious leaders in Indianapolis present peace pole”

It was a call for peace in response to recent shootings and bombings that have happened at houses of worship around the world, including Sri Lanka.

“Read about the great thinkers of other cultures than yours”

A list of suggestions from the UN about how to mark World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development suggests doing some reading. Good. But where to start?

Lailat-ul-Qadr — The Night of Power

For Muslims, Lailat-ul-Qadr is the Night of Power, a commemoration of when the Prophet Mohammad received the first verses of the Qu’ran. As on the other days of Ramadan, many Muslims do not eat, drink

May 24 — Death anniversary of the prophet Ashu Zarathustra

So take this occasion to reflect on one of the world's oldest religions, and a religion that may disappear in the near future: only 200,000 Zoroastrians live today.

It’s World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

May 21 is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, declared a holiday by the UN in 2002. How should we celebrate it in Central Indiana?

Go out for a late night Yemeni meal during Ramadan

Mohammed Abashaar, manager, from Rayan Restaurant explains the significance of Ramadan and tells you more about the eatery featuring Yemen cuisine.

Happy Haitian Heritage (Eritaj Ayisyen) Month!

The Haitian-American community has emerged as one of the most vital and active national groups in Central Indiana.

Haitian Unity Prayer Luncheon

Looking for a special experience? Join the Haitian Unity Prayer Luncheon and hear Haitian music, taste Haitian food, see Haitian dance, meet Haitian dignitaries ... and get a sense of how important Haiti is to Indiana.

Imam Saahir: “Ramadan fast is approaching”

"This is Ramadan; the human person exerting their human will power and controlling their desires and passions — not for themselves — but for the good pleasure of Allah. Ahh! What a wonderful feeling!"

Help distribute messages of Ramadan peace

You may be asking: "What can I do to address the intolerance and incivility directed at Muslims?"