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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

‘We must speak out’: Carmel remembers the Holocaust as anti-Semitic incidents continue in US

"This is the United States of America, not Nazi Germany," Mayor Brainard said. "Every patriotic American must speak out against intolerance. And we must speak out every day, whenever we see it."

Peace Pole Dedication at Masjid Al-Fajr (the oldest mosque in Indianapolis)

Two years ago the Islamic school associated with Masjid Al Fajr, recieved the now infamous letter addressed "To the Children of Satan". On Friday, we will deliver a very different message. One of love and hope.

How (and where) to celebrate National Day of Prayer

Truman intentionally tried to avoid any constitutional problems when he originally called for a day of "prayer and meditation," which he thought would cover all spiritual traditions, regardless of their definition of Divinity.

To all our Bahá’í friends: A happy 12th Day of Ridván

May 1st, the final day of the 12-day period of Ridván, is the year's holiest day for Bahá’ís. It was the day in `1863 when Bahá’u’lláh left the Garden of Ridván to announce his mission of bringing peace to all religions, nations, and individuals.

We wish all of our Orthodox Christian Brothers, Sisters, and Friends a Joyful Pascha

Pascha is the Orthodox Easter or Resurrection Sunday, this year celebrated April 28. We all could use more joy in our lives these days.

A joyous Beltane!

“Beltane is unique as it is not always about spiritual matters or gods, but more about the every day parts of life and ensuring the survival of the community.  I, personally, find it to

Three (civil) religious celebrations of Earth Day

April 22nd was Earth Day. Three celebrations this week could show the relation between organized religion and Earth Day (as well as tell you where to have a good time with your family).

Governor Holcomb honors Hoosier Sikhs with historic proclamation

"Whether he's a Sikh or not. Be part of the community where you live. And be good, loyal, trusted partner," said Singh.

German language Good Friday service

Return to the days of Indianapolis before Kurt Vonnegut when yu attend the German language Good Friday service at Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ

Blessed Maundy Thursday

Today many Christians celebrate Maundy Thursday (also known as Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday, Sheer Thursday, and Thursday of Mysteries, among other names).

Join in wishing Jains a sacred Mahavir Jayanti

We asked CIC board member Sonal Sanghani about the Jain holiday of Mahavir Jayanti

Happy Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday — celebrated this year by Catholics and Protestants on April 14 — is a special day for Christians. Here are five things Christians and non-Christians should know about the day.

May Sikhs (and everyone else) have a Blessed Baisakhi

Our Brother KP Singh contributes this note about Sikh holy day Baisakhi (or Vaisakhi).

Indy is in for a spiritual and musical treat — Arvo Pärt’s “Passio.”

Most serious sacred music from composers such as Pärt is performed in (secular) concert halls, not the sacred space for which it perhaps was intended. Just as the experience of hearing Passio performed live rather a YouTube is different, so too is hearing in a church rather than a college auditorium.

“April, 2019 declared as National Sikh Heritage Month in Indiana”

CIC board members Chirjeev Kaur Oberoi and Maninder Walia and emeritus board member KP Singh helped the governor to declare April as Sikh National Heritage Month. Congratulations!