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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is celebrated by almost Christians (although not on the same day: Western Christian celebrate it this year on March 25; Eastern Christians on April 1).It marks the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem roughly a week before His resurrection. 

Inspired music at the Interfaith Banquet

One of the favorite parts of the Annual Interfaith Banquet is the music. This year’s was particularly good. Before the Banquet began, guests listened to the Lilly Ensemble, a string trio of Butler students: 

Balbir Singh reports on the Interfaith Banquet

"Rabbi Sandy Sasso and Rabbi Dennis Sasso were presented the 2018 Interfaith Ambassadors of the Year award at a glittering function organised by Center for Interfaith Cooperation. A large number of dignitaries graced the occasion."

Oh the food we shared at the Interfaith Banquet!

One of the many highlights of CIC's Annual Interfaith Banquets is the dinner. Everyone remarks on how different gastronomic traditions combine to create something delicious and original.

Neighbor Power Indy — A celebration of neighborly dialogue

CIC was well represented at Neighbor Power Indy on March 3rd. Charlie Wiles and Muzaffar Ahmad were part of a panel discussion of “Celebrating Diversity in Interfaith Communities.” Representatives from the Center for Interfaith Cooperation (CIC)

A big win for an Indiana that wants to be truly welcoming

This decision has been called a victory for Muslims in Indiana, but it's much more than that. It's a big win for the city of Carmel, which prides itself on being a welcoming city. It's a win for Hoosier who want to make sure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. 

Upcoming celebrations through music

Music is said to be the universal language. Here are some opportunities to expose yourself to new sounds of spirituality, and in some cases make a joyful noise yourself. 

Christianity and cognitive dissonance

CIC director Charlie Wies has an important article in the Indianapolis Star.

Welcome to the world, Baby Tristan!

At 6:09 pm January 12, Michelle Winkleman and Ben Leslie became the proud parents of Tristan- mother and baby are healthy at resting!

Dr. Shahid Athar honored at Interfaith Thanksgiving service

The Carmel Interfaith Alliance honored one Central Indiana's heroes of inter-religious understanding.

Yule: Forerunner of Christmas

CIC's Kat Gagne explains some of the many ways that our modern celebration of Christmas draws from much older pagan practices in northern Europe.

Congratulations to Bryan Bergman

"We'll be charting a new path for the synthesis of theological and leadership education, to prepare a new generation for the challenges of leading the church in the 21st century."

Add your voice to the MLK Day choir

Charlie Wiles reflects on why all of us should make a joyful noise in the mass choir for the 2018 interfaith celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday

KP Singh on a mela in Indy

"MELA is a Punjabi word; it means a festive gathering of people and families for a celebration with feasting and fun, music and dancing, shopping and trade, learning and exchange. Indy's Festival of Faiths are interfaith Melas that exude that joyful spirit and a pilgrimage to our shared spiritual blessings."

Who were some of the groups at the Indy Festival of Faiths?

More Indy Festival of Faiths exhibitors than ever were packed into the Indiana War Memorial. See just a few of them.

What’s coming up on the Sacred Arts Stage?

One of the highlights of of past Festivals has been the Sacred Arts Stage. It's a great way to sample sacred music and dance from around the world.